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My husband took Ruby out last night for her last walk. As they came inside he yelled for me to come help him. Apparently she picked up something outside.

She was happily munching away and he didn't know what it was.

He got her to drop her tasty treat and told me to pick it up before she wanted it back.

No way. It was a dead half-petrified mouse. Covered in newf drool.

No thank you. :tequila:


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Oh yes. Normal Newf behaviour. Have had to deal with dead rotting rabbits, fish, seagulls and multiple other horrible stinky things.


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My Mary was a hunter. She would usually bark to be let in, and if she "knocked" I knew it was because she had a something in her mouth. Being the lady she was, she would never speak with her mouthful. I would place my hand by her mouth and ask her politely to show me what she had and she would proudly spit out her bounty... a dead mouse, frog, snake, or bird. Eeeeewwwwwe.

I miss her.


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Willow brought in a petrified squirrel during a crazy storm that she demanded to go out in. Yuck it was frozen solid.