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Saw an article about green beans being legumes on a Holistic Newf FB page. It was a long article but basically saying they weren't healthy. I am using them twice daily to try to get our 3 yr old Male to loose some weight. I need to measure him to see his height but I know he weighs 142 and we can't feel his ribs.

The green beans method isn't working and we already asked the Vet to run a full thyroid panel that came back normal. Any other tips for loosing weight? He gets 4 ounces of green beans and 7 ounces of raw meat/organ/bone twice a day. The Vet's suggestion was a science diet weight loss kibble - not happening!
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Did you vet run an in house thyroid panel? If so, do another and have him send it to Michigan. I had a newf that was normal via my vet's test, but sending to Michigan showed a different story. Has he been checked for addisons disease?

When I had cancer surgery years ago, in the 6 weeks I was not feeding our dogs my husband fed Adam so much he went from 135 to 175. It took me a year to get the weight off.


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I second the suggestion of another thyroid panel, just in case.

I saw the article. I think you have to make an informed decision. You can always try without and see if he's starving.

How much exercise is he getting? Can you do leaner meats so there is a bit less fat in his diet?