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Hello Everyone :wave:

I am so glad to have found this Forum. I hope to learn much from all of you and hear your Newf stories and experiences!

Our Newf, Pemma just turned 5 months old and I am happy to say I believe we are over the early puppy hurdle now. No nipping, doing great on house training and getting better at basic commands. Phew! We survived. Who knew a Newf pup could have so much energy (well, we knew, but you never REALLY know until you are fully in it).

Along with our Newf we have a Golden Retriever (almost 10 years old now) and a Ragdoll cat (about 7 years old).

Looking forward to being a member of this Forum. Thank you. :hugs:
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HI and welcome. Thanks for joining. We hope to hear more about Pemma and we really like lots of photos :)