Eating Habits Changing


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Our 3 1/2 female Newf Ziva has normally been a picky eater. We bought some new treats and she is the only one of the 3 who will eat them. The other two take them and spit them out. She snarfs them up! I thought bonus for her she gets more treats. Then I started thinking and her eating habits have been changing. She has started barking at us to hurry up and finish while we are making their meals. I mean loud barking. She also finishes first of the 3 when she used to eat more leisurely. She isn't drinking more or urinating more but should I take her into the Vet?


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My Adam did the same thing. When he was young if I gave him a piece of steak he would hold it in his mouth, then he would spit it out, sniff it, put it back in his mouth, chew, spit out then finally he might decide to eat it. Then one day he just started scarfing everything. He was a big eater until the day before we lost him. I'd say he was about 3-4 when that changed.