Congratulations, Ginny!!!


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We came home from Thanksgiving dinner to watch the recording of the National Dog Show later.....and who was the Bestest Newf? and in the final Best in Show group? Ginny's Winslow!! (I hope I heard the name correctly). OMG, Ginny, he's breathtaking! Well done!!! :dance01::dance01:


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Awwww thanks. :heart: We're so proud of what this boy has accomplished. His wonderful owners are responsible for all his success. He's a Grand Champion and a VN - Versatile Newf. His Group 1 at the National Dog Show was icing on the cake.

To those who remember the miracle pups who lived after Addy's uterine rupture, Winslow is one of them!

Here's a short video of him in the Best In Show competition.


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I was so lucky to see this beautiful boy last! Almost missed it. What an outstanding achievement! Well done!


Congratulations! Beautiful boy!
Thanks for sharing the video....I have never seen a dog show with a newfie before - fantastic!


I didn't know he was yours! We were all talking about how beautiful he was!
Funny story...Fri. night we went out for dinner. I left the tv on because my parrot likes it. When we got home, Dublin was lying on the couch watching the rerun of the dog show. He seemed quite interested!


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Missed recording it or I would have cheered earlier. Congrats. Now I see you're at Westminster. Go Get Um. I like to take a little credit. Once, many years ago when you first started showing, I helped hold your dogs while you were in the ring. Never have forgotten.
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Nina, I remember your help in Louisville years ago. Are you going to be there to hold one for me again this year????!!!!!! :groovy: