Christmas Tree Pull


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On Sunday, Judy, Myself along with Oreo (Mrs Trumbles Oreo Cookie RN), and Tigger (Blackwatch's Desilu I'm the Only One) were are Paul's Tree Farm in Brodhead, WI for the Upper Midwest Newfoundland Training Clubs 2012 Christmas Tree Pull. The Club received $273.00 in donations on this day. It was a beautiful day, and lots of trees were pulled by the Newfs. Unfortunately this is the last year at Paul's Tree Farm, he is retiring and slod the land to WI DNR, so the club will be looking for a new location. The Club had three other days pulling trees there, and everyone that participated had a great time, and many people came to buy a tree, just to have a Newf pull it for them.

Oreo had a great time she really seems to like to pull the trees, and there were a ton of kids lovin her, which she likes too. Tigger is too young to pull so she spent the day as a greeter, and had a good time also.

Here is the link:

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