breeding half-brother/half-sister combination?


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I was wondering if one should expecta greater probability of health problems if one breeds a couple who have the same father, but entirely different bloodlines (at least as far as the pedigrees show) on their mother's side.
So same father, different mother, and the mothersseem to have no common family at least three generations back. Is this inbreeding
worse than some typical line breeding
with a lot of common relatives on both


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I'd say it depends on the parents! When you breed that closely, you're doubling up on both the good and the bad qualities, genetically. Is there a reason the breeder did that breeding? Are there qualities he/she is trying to lock in? Are the sire and both dams thoroughly health-checked? I've seen some LOVELY, healthy litters from close breedings. I'd talk more to the breeder about what they were breeding for.

Cathy Nelson

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Health checking will not eliminate the liklihood of problematic recessive traits that stand a much greater chance of appearing with such inbreeding. Such traits are not manifested unless both parents are carriers. It is not merely a matter of superstition that humans view incest as a taboo.