Belle's pups


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Hi everyone....I will try to get some pictures on in the morning.

Belle had her pups last night (Sunday) through the nite. She had 10 pups. 6 boys 4 brown boys 2 cream boys, lost one cream boy during delivery :(
. 4 girls 3 brown 1 cream. All are nice sized between 1 1/4+ to 1 1/2. All nursing and doing well today. Belle is doing great also. Pictures will follow in the morning.



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Awwww congrats, can't wait to see the photos if the little ones! Sorry to hear about the little boy pup :( Rhonda
Congrats on the new bundles of fluff! Can't wait to see pics of them. Browns and creams! WOW!

So sorry to hear about the little boy who didn't make it.
But glad to hear the others are all doing well.


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well i guessed the number of pups right!
sorry for the loss of one
, but may the others stay strong and continue to grow.


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Congratulations! It sounds like you have your hands full for the next few weeks! Get some'll need it! :D


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YAY! Puppies! Have I mentioned that I LOVE puppies?

Sorry about the little boy but I hope the rest will grow strong. Congrats to you. Can't wait for the pictures.


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Congratulations Michele and Belle. Looking forward to pictures, especially the cream. So sorry about the lost pup. Always very sad.

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Congratulations to you and Belle! I'm so sorry about the little boy, and am sending prayers and good thoughts that the others continue to grow strong and healthy! Can't wait to see pics! :D


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congratulations...and not only do I want to see puppy pix...I'd love to see an adult Cream...never seen one.


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Wow, what a nice sized litter. So sorry to hear that you lost one. I'd love to see pictures, especially of the cream pups. I have never seen a cream colored newf!

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Congratulations!! More exciting!!! Hope mom and babies continue to do well. Looking forward to seeing some pics as they grow.


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Can I come sit and watch them? I can smell that new puppy smell, and hear the little grunts and squeals. Makes me wish I had another pup! The creams are beautiful. Looking forward to watching them turn into little fluff balls. Be sure to post update pics every week!


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WOW! Congratulations and they are soooo beautiful. Yes please! More pictures!!!!

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GORGEOUS!! I have never seen a cream newfoundland, so I appreciate you posting the pics. And with such a large litter, Belle is quite the trooper!