Any ideas?


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Ok...Turner has had diarrhea for about 5 days now....and he has also thrown up 3 times during that time. I talked to the vet on the phone initially...and was told to feed him rice and maybe some boiled chicken. Done that. No better. So, yesterday I took him to the vet clinic. X-rays showed nothing. No worms. Put him on antibiotics as a precaution I guess....and gave him something to kind of help "settle" his stomach.

Now, Turner tries to eat anything and everything. I have to watch him constantly. I can't keep count as to how many times a day I open his mouth and reach in to pull something out. He could have eaten something that he wasn't supposed to....but I don't know what.

Any ideas of what could be going on?

If he is allergic to his kibble, how would that show up?

I'm just exhausted....he's having to go out contantly....and isn't controlling it very well either.


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Hi! Sorry poor Turner isn't feeling well. I don't think it's a kibble allergy, though. Generally food allergies will show up through the skin-lots of chewing and licking on feet especially.

I'm sorry I can't help you more, but I just thought I'd stick that in there. I hope turner feels better really really soon!


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Do you/Can you monitor him outside? Eating grass is usually a giveaway to an upset stomach from something he ate. It also causes diarrhea and can cause vomiting. The rice should help but may take a couple of days to work through the system.


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Oh wow, tsunami,
my guys look like dairy cows in the summer here, they graze a lot, and, they dont get sick, they actually digest the green from thegrass and eliminate it naturally, (grin)
a lot of dogs will puke it up, not mine! LOL
mary, i would insist on them finding out what is going on if this happens again.
what diet is he currently on?
sometimes yes as they grow they can develop sensitivities to the ingredients, does the food swell a lot when soaked in warm water?
if it does chances are he is getting a lot of yeast in his tummy.
i would maybe think a change of diet would be a try.
pancreatitis, diahrea is a sign.
irritable bowel syndrome, just a few things that pop into my mind.

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My guess is that his poor tummy is just really upset, and he probably needed some medicine to help it calm down. I would keep him on a really bland diet for a few days, and monitor him closely.... and if you may just need to keep him on a leash why he's outside.


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AWWWWWWW!!!!Poor Turner! Poor YOU!

By chance, did they take a urine sample?

GEE! I hope he does better, pretty soon! Give him lots of water..IMO.


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I have monitored him very closely since he has had diarrhea. He's not outside unless I am right there with him.

No urine sample was taken.

When he drinks a bunch of water...that is when he seems to lose his dinner. I only let him have a little at a time yesterday...and he didn't vomit.

Activity level is just like normal. Hasn't slowed down there.

I feed him Solid Gold kibble. It swells slightly if it has soaked for a LONG time, but not much.


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some dogs puke after drinking large amounts of water, the diahrea, i would keep an eye on, if you overfeed the solid gold, wysong, or back to basics you get diahrea, did you give him extra?


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Poor Turner.
I hope he feels better real soon. I don't have any good advice to give but I think you've received some good suggestions so far..... Give him a hug from us {{{{{hugs}}}}}.

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Did the vet give you any meds to help his tummy (other than the antibiotics)? I think a very bland diet of rice and egg or rice and boiled hamburger for a couple of days would help.

Poor baby... hope he feels better soon!


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He didn't get any extra kibble, but I did give him some canned mackeral mixed in one day just prior to the beginning of the diarrhea. (Can't remember exactly which day.) He has had this once a week though since I've had him and has always tolerated it very well.

So.....I'll keep him on the rice and boiled chicken for now.

Thanks guys.


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Is it possible that he ingested something that's too big to get out of the stomach area, like a small toy, or piece of something? That could be bothering his tummy, and so he drinks and gulps grass? I'm just guessing, of course, but pups can eat some of the strangest things!


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Anything is possible. But I suspect it is something from no small toys there.

I guess the stomach x-ray wouldn't show unless it is a rock or metal probably.

I sure hope this works out. Course I tend to worry and think the worst. Sigh.

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This sort of thing has happened to us occasionally.... Cora once got into something at the lake, and had really bad diareah and she vomited a couple of times. After visiting the vet, we pretty much got the same reaction you got from your vet. She got a shot, somehting to settle her tummy and antibiotics, and was on a bland diet for a few days, to allow things to settle down, and they did. Since then, we've gone through this with a couple of our other newfs, and they're better in a few days....

Hang in there!


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I so sorry Turner has an upset tummy!!! Poor baby. Ozzy has food allergies to beat the band so we are well used to this..... It could be chicken Ozzy used to tolerate it and does not anymore maybe try boiled hamburger instead? Is there chicken in his food? Also did they test for whip worms? They are really hard to spot and during part of their life cycle they don't show up easily. It takes about three months for the life cycle to complete, so if this clears up and returns in about three months get him checked for whip worm. We went through this last year, our vet had to send the sample to another lab for the specific whip worm test. It is also not taken care of completely by panacure, so you'll need a specific de wormer.
Good luck and I hope he feels better soon!


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Thanks for the recomendations and comments. Hope it clears SOOOON! We were just getting into a nice routine of sleeping through the night when this hit! Ha! Now, the minute I hear a peep from him...I'm up and rushing him out the door! One night I jumped up...threw some sweats on....grabbed the leash....looked down at him and he was on his back snoring. Guess I just "dreamed" I heard him or something! Ha! So I "tip-toed" back into the bed....Hee!

I don't know if they specifically tested for whip worms....probably not. I'll look out for the 3 week thing.

My kibble has bison as the main ingredient...then salmon (I believe).


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Has your vet checked to see if he has Giardia. Usually it takes a round of antibiotics to clear it up.

Is he on any medications. Sam is sensitive to some medications, They make her eat anything and everything (wood, burrs, sawdust, platstic) then she puks and has the runs for days on end.

Did you try not feeding anything for 24 hours to let the digestive system rest, then start back on bland diet of hamburger, rice, cottage cheese and so on.

There is an antibiotic for diarrhea it is called metordianzinale. I am sure the spelling is wrong as I am in the house and the bottle is in the kennel. I keep it on hand at all times. When someone gets the runs I just give them a dose of it and it clears it up. This is good in the summer when they are always drinking out of the pond.

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Ok, having gone through 2 weeks of Diarrhea, let me offer my 2 cents here! It could be a COMBINATION of things. Halli had diarrhea for 2 solid weeks. Turns out, she did have Giardia (and got anti-b's to get rid of that) from eating Goose Poop, but then we also discovered, that she had an intolerance (not necessarily an ALLERGY) to lamb. Her dog food had a lamb base. Prior to the Giardia, she would have Diarrhea on and off, but her stool was always kind of soft. Since changing her food, she's been SO MUCH better.

My suggestion is to start looking for combinations as well as a single source!


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He could simply be eating everythgn in sight because he's hungry. He went days without nutrition and, if he's a puppy, his body will demand he catch up. They act like vacuums when that hits. They ea like bottomless pits for a few days and then drop back to a normal eating pattern. A number of smaller meals over the day may help if there's nothign medically wrong.

Food allergies exhibit intially through loose stools, itchy skin and chronic ear infections and urinary tract infections. You may, but not always, notice the dog doesn't seem to eat enough and stays thin. (Many dogs labeled picky eaters have a natrual avesion to the foods that don't agree with them) Hyperactivity is also possible.

More advanced signs: Chewing feet, hair loss, scaling skin, bad breath, sore joints, nausea, diarrhea.

Allergies become more severe with age. Usually hitting hard as the dog appproaches it's 6th year.