2 dogs vs. 1?


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I have a 3 year old male. I have been offered his sister from a different litter who is 2. Everything is PERFECT right now. It's just the 2 of us and he is the center of my life. I am thinking about getting her because I thought he might enjoy having another pack member in the house and that he would like the company while I'm gone. Am I just anthropomorphising or is 2 actually better for them since they are pack animals? I would appreciate any thoughts. Thank you!


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I understand what you mean about everything being perfect, but I'm with Nina. News are AWESOME in pairs. They also cost twice as much, but if you can swing it, it's TOTALLY worth it. Perhaps try it out for bit and see how he handles it?


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We took the plunge and got our 2nd Newf a little over a year ago. No regrets here. Here are my observations: 1)Rocky is a little less obsessed with me now and focuses more of his energy on Raven. (most days this is a good thing :) ) 2) Rocky overall acts younger (he's 6, she's 1) and plays with Raven frequently throughout the day. 3) Glad we were already used to the attention walking a Newf gets because walking 2 most places can NEVER go unnoticed. (most days this is a good thing :) ) 4) Although, leaving the dogs behind with dog sitter for vacation is hard it now seems easier knowing they have each other for company. 5) The entertainment and happiness these two provide our family is ridiculous. :)
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I can't imagine having only one anymore. That being said I also can't imagine having two by myself. Maybe since they are older it would be an easier transition from one to two. I love watching them interact and the love they have for each other and us is priceless. Maybe do a trial and see how it goes but I think another would be a fantastic addition.

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We have always had two, only thing is twice of everything,(hair,dirt,vet bills ect) but like everyone on here will say they are well worth it, go for it


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Remember too, that when they are that close in age and they get old and creaky, you will have two elderly Newfs to take care of. Other than that, I think two is a perfect number.


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Remember too, that when they are that close in age and they get old and creaky, you will have two elderly Newfs to take care of. Other than that, I think two is a perfect number.
That is so true. Firstly, I can't remember having just 2 dogs!!
Secondly, yes, if they are close in age then it can be hard when they get older.
I now have one 8 1/2, 2 almost 10 yrs and one 13 1/2 yr.


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I had 2 dogs once. I thought it wouldn't be that much extra work and that the old dog would teach the new dog the ropes. I found having 2 dogs to feel like more than double the work. The new dog taught the old dog all of her bad habits. They did get along well and kept each other company, and as suggested before, leaving them at the kennel was easier since they had each other.

Good luck deciding!!

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As long as the first dog is well trained before you get the next one....We make sure that the dogs we have are always trained, before we get the next one. We have four at present. It took a while to get our last rescue, Lukey online (behave) and now we are looking for a newf puppy again....i think as long as you train your dogs the number of dogs does not matter. I happily go out with my four. I think dogs love company.......:) Ronnie


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we just adopted a senior a few months ago. two is a good thing if you can handle the expense, and have the time to train, groom, snuggle with both of them. Like you, it's just me when it comes to the dogs, BF doesn't do anything aside from letting them in and out when I ask him too. He is a little afraid to walk them, mostly because he doesn't want to have to tell me something happened and they got hurt I think. My boys are in a different place than your two will be, but the boys seem to love each other's company. The only issue we really have is if I sit on the floor, i have two newfs trying to sit in my lap. :)


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I have four, that being said, two is a pretty good number of Newfies. Question is is one of them fixed. That might be an issue. Other than that I'd say go for it.


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Give it a few weeks for an adjustment period. Bojie hated Riggs when we got him. Acted disgusted with the whole thing. Took a good 3 weeks before he initiated play with him. Now they are best friends. But I still find myself worried I'm not spending enough time with one or the other.