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  1. estacey

    Tess Would Have Been 12 Today

    I miss her every day but I am so grateful for the time we had together. I had her for 1/5 of my life and I could not have asked for more.
  2. estacey

    Tess' Last Will and Testement

    I leave all of my worldly posessions to dogs in need. To my master I leave my memories and my heart. To all of my doggy friends I wish you joy, love and peace. To all newf netters a huge thank you for your love and support. Love Tess
  3. estacey

    Ronnie Taft

    Anyone heard from her?
  4. estacey

    Trouble Posting

    I cannot get very far and then my computer throws me back to previous page. This is the furthest I have gotten in days.
  5. estacey

    I Met the Village Idiot

    He owns a BLACK, I mean all black with white on the toes ST. BERNARD. :shrug:
  6. estacey

    Your AC is On

    I know, it is on for Tess!:new_smilie_colors1:
  7. estacey


    I fed Tess some fruit this morning at 9:30 and at 3 pm she regurgetated her supper right after eating. The fruit was not digested at all. I had a GR that had ME. However I do not recall her having wretching attacks the way Tess does. I will feed her smaller amounts from now on and call the...
  8. estacey

    Need Assistance

    There is an engraving done in 1831 of a man and a dog on a website. i think it is a newf what do you think? The pic is under the wiki page for Rev J Thomson, Duddingston-Kirk. He might be a relative.
  9. estacey

    Anne Cullen

    Does this name ring a bell in anyones mind. Two weeks ago I opened the paper to the obit page and saw this picture of a beautiful women with two Newfs, one on each side of her. She was living in Chicago and had 5 Newfs. Her donations were to be made to Newf Friends. Her family was here in...
  10. estacey

    Possibile Move

    Thinking of returning west to BC.. There are many reasons but my main concern is Tess. She is 11 and 3 months now. It took awhile to adjust to our new home this past 8 months, and another trip across Canada would be stressful. Any thoughts?
  11. estacey

    Newf Causes Distracted Driving

    I was driving along a city street focusing on trying to find a business. I slowed down in the right hand lane when a pickup truck barreled past me on the left. In the open truckbed were two huge Newfs. I was tempted to follow but if the fellow stopped and talked to me I might have lectured...
  12. estacey

    Newf Dog on Pickle Label

    Berkley Pickle company out of Perry's Cove Newfoundland has a Newf Dog on their label. Oh the things I get excited about, but I am sure you understand.
  13. estacey


    Is fine, no more blood in her urine.:allg069:
  14. estacey

    Ron Hevener Figurines

    Does anyone own one, if so what do you think?
  15. estacey

    Now I Am a Mental Case

    This from the lady that brings her dog out to poop on everyone else's lawn.:icon_stupid:
  16. estacey

    If You Had to Choose

    What would your 2nd favorite breed be.assuming that Newfoundland is your first choice. Looking at Shel's Stanley Wolfhound is tempting.:sunflower:
  17. estacey

    Tess to the Vet

    She has lost 20 pounds and has a bladder infection. I agreed to have blood work done and will know results tomorrow.
  18. estacey

    Newf Silhouette

    There is an elderly gentleman not to far from me that does all kinds of wooden cutouts for lawns. He has many dog breeds, but no newfs. He gave me the name of the company that he gets his patterns from. I googled them and they do have a newf pattern. Sent for it today and when it arrives...
  19. estacey

    Poop Question

    Tess does not seem to be able to hold on as well these days. She can only do a short walk and then she has to let go. Her 11th birthday will be in December. Never had a giant breed live this long, is this normal?
  20. estacey

    How to Stop Neighbours Dogs from Pooping on My Front Lawn

    Last night I came home from my sisters to find a lady with her little chiaua pooping in the middle of my front lawn. Not on the edge but right center of my front yard. I called out of my window and asked her to get off my lawn and not to let her dog go there. She yelled back and said she had...