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  1. Brandie&Maggie

    Tried a new vet today

    We tried a new mobile vet today. After our former mobile vet passed away 2 years ago, we've been struggling to find someone we like. This group recently started covering our area so I gave it a try for Ruby and Carter for annual exams. It went really well. I liked them a lot. They were very...
  2. Brandie&Maggie

    Training question

    Ruby is driving me nuts. Ha. She's really bonded with my husband more than me and listens to him without hesitation. I work with her constantly and we are getting better day by day. But one behavior is super annoying and I'd love ideas. She only does this to me, and only when Rob is not...
  3. Brandie&Maggie

    Product Review - ID tags

    I thought I would share this.... When we got ruby last year, we ordered an ID tag from Red Dingo. They have a great selection and the tag was very high quality and heavy-duty. It also came quickly. Fast forward to now, the engraving has worn down a bit from rubbing on her other tags, so I...
  4. Brandie&Maggie

    Happy Gotcha Day Ruby

    This is a bittersweet day. Ruby joined our family 1 year ago today. That also means that Maggie has been gone just over a year. I still miss her every day. But Ruby-roo is growing in a beautiful girl, and, at 2 1/2 is starting to calm a bit. She's really a good dog. She loves my husband more...
  5. Brandie&Maggie

    Intro to draft work

    Ruby needs a job. She loves the agility stuff at our training facility, so we are going to build her a few things to play with in the yard, but I'd like to see if she has an affinity for draft work too. She's not at a point where she could concentrate well enough at a workshop with lots of...
  6. Brandie&Maggie

    Rescue Parade at the National!

    My family had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Newf National yesterday! It was spectacular. We also got to meet the lovely Daisy and her mom Michelle. :icon_bb: Here are some pictures: Our Family Photo
  7. Brandie&Maggie

    Ruby & Olive's Play Date

    We got to have a landseer play date today! They would not cooperate for a good picture, but here is what we have. These 2 caused quite a stir on the trails at the park. :lol: Olive in front, Ruby behind Smelling the roses
  8. Brandie&Maggie

    Happy 2nd Birthday Ruby!!

    This is the first official birthday post I get to make! We didn't know Maggie's birthday. Actually Ruby's birthday was yesterday, but we didn't have internet all day. So I'm doing this a day late, but here it is! :music:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :music:
  9. Brandie&Maggie

    Some people should not have dogs

    Someone posted in one of my mom's groups asking for advice. Her son wants a dog so she found one on craigslist. It's a stray some lady found and hasn't even taken to a vet. She's charging $50 for the dog. She wanted to know if that was a reasonable cost. I told her all of the issues with this...
  10. Brandie&Maggie

    Thunder shirt

    Does anyone have a thunder shirt we could possibly borrow to see if it is effective before I buy one? I would of course pay the shipping expenses. We are wondering if it would help to calm Ruby and ease her anxiety when we are at training class. Thanks very much.
  11. Brandie&Maggie

    Random/funny Questions

    Just for fun, Copy and Paste and answer the following questions about your dog(s): 1. Favorite Food: 2. Where would your dog sleep if allowed to choose?: 3. Naughtiest thing your dog has done in the last week: 4. Naughtiest thing your dog has EVER done: 5. What does your dog do to drive you...
  12. Brandie&Maggie

    Cat Stuff

    My poor kitty Carter is 12 years old. A couple of weeks ago I noticed some discharge from his ear and he was head shaking so I took him in. The canal was totally closed and had a growth in it with puss. Saw the dermatologist today. He has a massive growth of abnormal tissue in the ear. It's...
  13. Brandie&Maggie

    While I was busy....

    So I'm busy reading GAD's Don't Buy a Newfie post. And Ruby comes in carrying a very tasty prize. I'd just taken the giblets and neck packet out of a chicken to boil and left them in the sink.:oops: Apparently she got them out of the sink. :devil3: :nono: The package was dragged around the...
  14. Brandie&Maggie

    Secret Santa Party!

    So I know a few people have not yet received their gifts. Apparently the postal service is being very slow this year. If you have not gotten a gift as of today, please let me know so I can follow up with the sender. Starting today, please feel free to open your gifts and post about it here...
  15. Brandie&Maggie

    Poll for Secret Santa Party

    Those of you participating in Secret Santa, I'd like to know if you would like to have the live online "chat" party or if you would just like to open gifts on a certain day and post in a specific thread here? I believe the online party would be Sunday December 20 in the evening.
  16. Brandie&Maggie

    Morning with the house beast

    Ruby happily sleeps in her crate until the sun comes up. Then she gets in the bed. This is how I woke up this morning:
  17. Brandie&Maggie

    The barking.....OMG the barking

    I need some new strategies here. Ruby has a big problem with seriously overreacting to everything. People, cars, animals, anything. That is our biggest challenge with her as I can't take her anywhere where there are other people/dogs. She is actually wonderful and very nice and sits when she...
  18. Brandie&Maggie

    Ruby's Adventures

    Our crazy House Beast (yes, that's her nickname) has been doing well. She makes improvements every day, but still reminds me that she's a teenager. :bang head: After almost getting kicked out of our first group training class for constant barking, and spending almost the entire class in the...
  19. Brandie&Maggie

    Secret Santa 2015 Sign Up Closes November 1!

    Please see the pinned post above and sign up today! I'll be drawing names and sending matches on Monday. It's a super fun time every year! Don't miss it!
  20. Brandie&Maggie


    My husband took Ruby out last night for her last walk. As they came inside he yelled for me to come help him. Apparently she picked up something outside. She was happily munching away and he didn't know what it was. He got her to drop her tasty treat and told me to pick it up before she wanted...