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  1. newfiemomof2

    Jethro the thief and trouble maker

    Son was up at 5:30 am for work. I got up at 6am , because dogs were going in and out a lot. Came downstairs and they had knocked over and opened the trash in kitchen and had it all over. They were trotting in and out with their "booty" :uglyhammer: Spent 30 min picking it all up.:banghead...
  2. newfiemomof2

    Memorial page for Bill Betchley in Newf Tide

    Hi All, We are putting together a memorial page in the upcoming issue of NewfTide for Bill Betchley. (Deadline is 2/1) If interested in participating, please send your name, a short note or anecdote to Niki Hardin at Donations should be sent to Helen Mancuso, 227 Roaser...
  3. newfiemomof2

    Wine Country Circuit

    Anyone going from 8/27 - 8/30/2012? I will be there with Jethro:groovy:
  4. newfiemomof2

    My Mojo now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

    RIP Got My Mojo Working 5-25-08 to 7-23-12 2 litters on the ground and 1 or 2 more due Autopsy today to see why he went down. You will be sorely missed by all of us, Mojo.
  5. newfiemomof2

    Putnam KC Sat & Sun

    Sat. my Mojo got BOS for his first GCH point Sun. my Mojo got BOB for his first GCH Major (3 or 4 points, not sure which):dance01::kgo_027: He also has his third litter coming on or around 8/11/12 and we will know Mon. if there will be a fourth 2 weeks later.:tequila:
  6. newfiemomof2

    New Champion

    Today at the Bloomington IN KC show Timmy finished his Championship WOO HOO:groovy::beer:
  7. newfiemomof2

    My Mojo's puppies at 5 weeks old
  8. newfiemomof2

    Puppies 4 weeks old new pictures
  9. newfiemomof2

    puppies at 2 weeks
  10. newfiemomof2

    5 puppies born 2/13/12

    There were 5 puppies (actually 7 but 2 died) born last Saturday. 1 boy anf 4 girls. The red boy Jethro) is going to be mine. They are all out of my Mojo
  11. newfiemomof2

    Indy Winter Classic

    Any one here going? The numbers are as huge as FL was. Majors, majors, majors. Hopefully Timmy can get one or two of them to finish. I live in hope LOL:roflmao:
  12. newfiemomof2

    Fingers crossed for 6-7 puppies on Valentine's Day

    Our Mojo was bred to a brown bitch and puppies are due Valentine's Day. Ultrasound say 6-7. We will know more next week after x-ray. Keep your fingers crossed all goes well. I'm leaving next Sat. to go help whelp these pups.:tequila:
  13. newfiemomof2

    St. Josseph's MO show

    WOOT !!:groovy: Today our Apollo went BOB and G3 at the St. Joseph's KC show:beer::music:
  14. newfiemomof2

    Greater Daytona and/or Brooksville, anyone

    Anyone headed to the FL circuits in Jan? I can't go to the Greater Daytona, but will be at the Brooksville Show from 1/11/12 to 1/23/12 with TImmy
  15. newfiemomof2

    SS on Christmas Day

    My son had Christmas off, so we had SS today. Here are our kids. Since Mojo is now in Albany breeding and Timmy came home, Timmy ended up with Mojo's gift. He was delighted. Enjoy Thank you to all our Secret Santa. Especially thank you for the 2-footed gifts, too.
  16. newfiemomof2

    Anyone headed to Orlando for Eukanuba

    Odie and Apollo will be there counts 19,3 BBE 5,2 Would love to meet up with and NNers there. Arriving Friday 12-16 in Orlando
  17. newfiemomof2

    Regaional in Springfield MO

    Anyone gong to be there? My dogs will be there (wish I could go too)
  18. newfiemomof2

    Elvira's first point picture

    All we have to do now is train the photographers to change the lighting so she looks grey like she is, not brown LOL She now has 2 points and bot a RWB out of 6 bitches 2 weeks ago:groovy:
  19. newfiemomof2

    Crab Cluster - Marion IL

    Today would have been a great picture. Apollo - brown - BOB Elvira - grey - BOS Odie - black - SEL Three of the 4 colors of newfies WOO HOO.
  20. newfiemomof2

    Hoping for pups

    We took Mojo to the repro vet to test his sperm count and motility today. When I called the bitch owner, I heard, "OMG she has ovulated". Note this is 4 days after a 0.3 progesterone reading. So 1,520,000/ml went down the drain as a test and I have to go back inside to tell the vet we need a...