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    Lost Newfies in Indiana

    Someone just posted on my FB page about two Newfies in Indiana that were found together. Both smelled of skunk and had been sitting in the same spot for a long time. Anyone know of Newfie owners in Indiana, near Bloomington-Indianapolis? Let's get those boys home.
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    Camino de Santiago

    Do we have Spain friends on NN?
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    NN's own prdmary and Journey are going to Westminster! I am bragging since she won't! Gooooooooooooo Journey!
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    Lexington show Aug 30-Sept.2

    Who is going to be there ? I want to say hello!
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    Hot Rod is sick--need input.

    Over the week-end, Hot Rod became lethargic, quit eating his regular dog food, became lame on the right side--front and rear, and was in pain. Went to the vet Monday and right front knee was visibly swollen. Blood work was negative for Lymes. WBC, NEU (?), and Globluin were elevated. I...
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    Tennesse show

    I think Sue Lynn's " Journey" and Ginny's "Addy" scored big time at Tennessee this weekend. Anybody know? Go Addy and Journey!
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    Time for a Tonka photo, Berto?

    Hope Tonka Truck is well. Missing his photos.
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    Champion Journey

    Congratulations to Journey on becoming a Champion!!
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    Orijen discount

    Pet Food Direct has a promo code --Pet4101--for 17% off through the 13th.
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    Eukunuba dog show

    Just saw Lance, a Landseer, on the Eukanuba dog show on TV. Anybody know who he is? He was marvelous, darling!
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    Newfies and Christmas tree farm on TV

    Did anybody see( on RFD channel, Directv 345) the Newfies pulling Christmas trees on carts at a Christmas tree farm in Boone, Indiana? It was on Christmas day and several people were interviewed, including Robin, who had a Landseer rescue. Were any NN Newfies?
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    Does any anyone have information on Tramadol for pain and how it is tolerated by Newfies? Thanks!
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    Park City Newfs

    If you are visiting Park City, Utah, be sure and stop by the Luv Your Pet store on Main Street. I walked in the shop, and there sprawled on the floor were three tremendous gorgeous male Newfs. With no room to place my feet, I sat down on the only bench and called those big boys to me. They all...
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    recommend OFA x-ray vet

    Can anyone recommend a vet (in my part of the country)who is good at doing OFA x-rays? I am in central Kentucky. Thanks
  15. J coupon

    I ordered Orijen6 just now and received a 20% off coupon--promo code PET3695.
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    Pet food direct coupons anyone?

    I need some high powered coupons for Orijen on Pet food direct. Anyone?
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    Faster than a speeding bullet!

    Hot Rod enjoying his first Kentucky snow, Friday at daybreak.