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    multiple stools a day

    My 8 month old newf puppy is on Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream, she is getting 4 cups daily per breeder instructions. She has a beautiful coat, no skin issues but she poops 4-5 times a day, they are normal and well formed. I talked with her breeder and she felt like this was excessive ( I've...
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    Arthritis starting to set in

    Sally is coming up on her 10th birthday and she is still quite playful, loves playing tug and chasing laser lights but I am noticing that she struggles to get up especially on the hardwood floors and she is really slow on the stairs. I am ready to talk with my vet about what options are...
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    Won't eat

    Sally got up this morning and didn't want to eat-she has never done this! Every thing else seems normal, no vomiting or diarrhea and still wants to play. By the way she is 7 years old. When should I start to worry?
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    feathers on hind legs

    How can I keep my newfie clean when she urinates. The urine dribbles all down her feathers, short of hosing her back end any other suggestions?
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    horrible odor

    Sally, my first newf has recently developed an awful dog smell. She is spayed,5 years old is professionally groomed every six weeks. She had her teeth cleaned 3 months ago and I have never had this problem before. I have not changed her diet. Her breath is getting bad and I am thinking her...