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    Senior Food

    Hi Everyone, My brown male will be 10 this year. He's doing great, no issues, but I try to keep his weight down. Since he's not as active as he was when he was younger, I'm looking for a lower calorie and or fat, food that is still really healthy for him. I had him on Orijen when he was...
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    Joint Supplement Recommendations

    Hello, My male is 9 and in excellent health, but I've noticed that sometimes after lying down for a long time, he winces when trying to get on his feet. Any suggestions about joint supplements that have worked for your Newfies? Thank you! Scott
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    Car Question

    Hello Everyone, I have a Toyota Highlander and it is too high for my Newf to jump in and out of. He just doesn't want to do it. I am going to look at some ramps today, but I would rather just get a lower car, because the Highander while being a great car, is bigger than I really need. I...
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    Shaved, Help!

    Hello Everyone, I just got a second Newfie and she was so matted, that they had to shave her all the way down. I got 3 separate opinions, because I didn't want to do it, but everyone said she had to be shaved. She is 2 1/2. I'm transitioning her to Orijen Six Fish from the Alpo that she...
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    Grain Free Weight Gain?

    Hello Everyone, My 3 year old nuetered male has put on so much weight since I got him 9 months ago. He was in a bad situation when he came to me and he was 80 pounds. They were feeding hin Alpo. I switched him to Fromm grain free immediately. He thrived on it, but put on 40 pounds in 9...
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    Bacon Grease?

    Helllo, I was told by a breeder to give my Newfs bacon grease to help them blow their coats. What do you think about that? I would rather not. Thanks! Scott
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    2 dogs vs. 1?

    Hello, I have a 3 year old male. I have been offered his sister from a different litter who is 2. Everything is PERFECT right now. It's just the 2 of us and he is the center of my life. I am thinking about getting her because I thought he might enjoy having another pack member in the house...
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    Furminator or ?

    Hello, I have a 3 year old male and this is my first Spring with him. He is blowing his coat. What is the best tool to help get all of that undercoat out. I bought a Furminator, the one for giant breeds, long hair. I know they're great for shorter coats, but I'm not convinced that it's the...
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    Grain Free

    Hello everyone, I have a 3 year old neutered brown male. I just got him a few months ago. I'm feeding him Fromm grain free. Is there a better chance that he will gain weight with the grain free? Thank you! Scott
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    Transitioning to another food.

    Hello everyone, I just got my Newfie 3 weeks ago. He is almost 3 years old. They were feeding him Alpo and I am trying to get him on Fromm Grain Free. I started giving him 1 3/4 cups Alpo with 1/4 cup Fromm and he was doing fine up to a 50/50 mix, but more than that and he has diarrhea...