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  1. BlackLightning

    Canadian Breeder Referral List!!!

    We are very happy at Newf Friends to announce the new Canadian Breeder Referral List!! This list will be updated on a regular basis with the breeding plans of breeders from the NDCC breeders list (as well as other NDCC members). It is a great resource for puppy buyers looking to connect with...
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    Costa Rica honeymoon! (pic heavy!)

    Just wanted to share some photos from our honeymoon in Costa Rica! We had an incredible time! The wildlife there is truly incredible! Chestnut-mandible Toucan Squirrel Monkey Heron One of the bungalows we stayed in And the other one! Storm moving in
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    Ayasha to the rescue!

    I LOVE this girl so much! No training at all.... just instinct..... At the cottage this weekend Ayasha helped her Papa make it back to shore safely :) Ayasha swimming out with Raph Taking the bumper and bringing him back I LOVE this shot because I think it's so cool to see their legs and...
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    Boum and ducky

    We had a long weekend here in Ontario Canada so we headed up to our hometown. I.e. Boum's favourite place on earth. By the third day he was just too tired to actually jump in and save his ducky.... so..... he used this approach instead..... Boum calling to his ducky.... heeere ducky ducky...
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    Wedding invite project!!! EEEK!!!!! Shhh.... don't tell!

    Ok, so I just cannot contain myself!!! If my fiance knew I was posting these pictures he'd kill me! Apparently I am really terrible at revealing wedding details on FB, but this one is just tooo good and I know you will all keep it a secret right??? I wanted our wedding invitations to be...
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    My heart dog...

    Yes, I know Boum is oh so cute and completely ridiculous looking, but more and more I am realizing Ayasha is my heart dog. I absolutely cannot get enough of this girl. I just wish these guys could live forever.
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    Boum finds his inner wolf

    Nessa posted a video on FB with howling wolves. We played it tonight for Ayasha and Boum and Boum is happy to report he has found his inner wolf. 0Gm42aEIqYE
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    Engagement photos!!!

    I just have to share these!!!! We finally got our engagement photos back and I LOVE THEM!!!! The ones with the dogs are my absolute favourite!!
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    Are you looking for a Newf puppy??? Volunteer!!!

    I started to volunteer with my local Newf Rescue group (Newf Friends) shortly after I brought home Ayasha (4 short years ago). It has changed my life forever. There are the obvious benefits to volunteering. It feels good to watch Newfs come into the program, transform into 'new dogs'...
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    Ice Fishing! (PIC HEAVY!!)

    It's a long weekend here in Ontario, Canada - Family Day weekend! As part of our Family Day tradition, we head up North and go ice fishing with my family. The Newfs have a blast! This is how the Newfs get to the shack. They sit in this sleigh with me behind the sled and off we go! Anyone...
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    If you're in Canada....

    Be sure to tune into "pick a puppy" at 7pm tonight on CMT!!!! I will be on it with rescue dog LouLou and another Newf Friends volunteer, Tami will be featured with Newf Jasmin!!!!
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    Winter FUN!

    The Newfs thoroughly enjoyed Winter Wonderland this weekend :) Hmm... they are extra huge today..... I will fix when I get home. Can't do it from work! Sorry. Boum's face kills me in this one Sweet Ayasha Boum really really reminds me of a bear in this one - LOL This one is...
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    Newfoundland Dog Database

    One resource that doesn’t always get mentioned to puppy buyers is the Newfoundland Dog Database. This online resource is a free database of Newfoundland Dog pedigrees by breeder. The database does have its limitations (sometimes not all dogs are listed, there can occasionally be mistakes in...
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    Identifying backyard breeders!!

    Hello everyone!! I think this may have been shared on here before, but we do have some new members to the group and I definitely think it is worth passing along again. Here in Ontario, Canada we are really struggling with a couple particular BYBs!!! It is sooooo frustrating!!!! We are...
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    Fall with the furkids :)

    Ayasha and Boum are pooped!! They had a fun-filled weekend at the cottage, enjoying the cooler temps :)
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    Remember River??

    River and her adoptive Mama, Marina were at Newfstock this weekend!! I was lucky enough to catch this shot of River with her foster mom and adoptive mom after River just completed the obstacle course!!! I thought I better share this picture since so many of you helped River get the surgeries...
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    Boum's close encounter (snicker)

    This past weekend Boum and Ayasha went up North to the cottage. While there, Boum had a close encounter with an unidentified creature. He claims to have fended it off, but not without a little damage to his attire in the process. According to Boum though, "you should see the other guy". With...
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    Why do dogs leave Earth first?

    I was sent this article and found it very touching.