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  1. Joan Fisher

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the wonderful people who helped bring about Tiika's success at the Penn-OH water tests last weekend. The Penn-OH Newf Club has such wonderful members who are so kind and helpful! The Judges, Roger, Bethany and Joyce for being so supportive and...
  2. Joan Fisher

    water rescue seminar

    Just got back on Monday night from a wonderful water rescue dog seminar put on by the Penn-Ohio Newfoundland Club. Roger Frey was the instructor and the workshop was great. 34 dogs! Wow! We don't get many more than that for our National Specialty show here in Canada! It was so nice to meet all...
  3. Joan Fisher

    Maddie at NCA Nationals

    Maddie with Johnson at NCA Nationals in Frankenmuth, MI.
  4. Joan Fisher

    Canadian Nationals

    Hi all! Canadian Nationals are coming up next week! - May 24th to 27th. On Friday morning there are Obedience Trials. Splash will be in Open and Tiika in Utility. In the afternoon there is a Draft Test. Tiika and Splash will be in Brace/Team Draft. Saturday morning at 9am is the Newf Rescue...
  5. Joan Fisher

    Photos from Nationals
  6. Joan Fisher

    Tiika - new AKC CDX

    We're just back from Nationals. What a fabulous time we had! Tiika got her highest Obedience score yet - 190 in Open! which meant she got her AKC CDX. I'm so proud of her!
  7. Joan Fisher

    NDCC National Specialty & 50th Anniversary

    The Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada's (NDCC's) National Specialty Show will be the end of May. It's also the 50th Anniversary of the NDCC! We would love to see as many Newf owners and admirers as possible at the Specialty. It would be wonderful to see a big contingent from Newf Net ! On...
  8. Joan Fisher

    Thanks for saving us money!

    Tiika has had some swelling on her knee, so the Vet prescribed Rheumocam (Meloxicam) which cost us $156.78, and theoretically should give us 27 daily 5.5mg doses. Although it feels like not more than 1 or 2 doses are left after 22 days. In the meantime, I came to NewfNet, looked up threads and...
  9. Joan Fisher

    Draft at Nationals

    Wow! 30 people vying for 24 spots, not counting requal's and post-dated later than March 1st! Wish us luck in the lottery!
  10. Joan Fisher

    Online entries for the NCA Specialty open

    You can now do on-line entries for the NCA Specialty. How many Newf Netters are entering the Obedience and draft trials?
  11. Joan Fisher

    Premium list for NCA Specialty

    Premium list is now available but you don't seem to be able to do online entries yet
  12. Joan Fisher

    Wanting for blower

    My outside grooming table is not that big but Tiika always wants to be 1st. As soon as the dryer is turned on after our walk she's up on the table waiting. This morning Splash went up 1st but Tiika wasn't happy with that so she climbed up, too. Both of them waiting to be blown in 11Degree F...
  13. Joan Fisher

    Big Brag

    Tiika got her first leg in CKC Utility A this morning - 1st time in a Utility trial! We try again tomorrow!
  14. Joan Fisher

    Bridget Carlsen seminar

    I just spent 3 days in a working spot with Tiika at a Bridget Carlsen seminar here in Ottawa. Wow! I am overwhelmed with all the new things to try. It was absolutely amazing!!! Thanks to Newfiemom for recommending the seminars to me. Just wish I could have known about her methods 5 years ago...
  15. Joan Fisher

    a little Boast

    We just got a wonderful letter and certificate in the mail from the Canadian Kennel Club. Apparently our Tiika took third place for Newfoundlands in Top Obedience Dogs in Canada in 2011. Wow! That was a big surprise but we are very proud of her!
  16. Joan Fisher

    Tiika photos taken while Newf Net was down

    Tiika giving Hallowe'en treat from her basket to the "trick or treaters" at the door. Tiika and Splash carting in the neighbourhood in the morning.
  17. Joan Fisher

    harness from Beth Edge

    I posted this in general but no response, so maybe I have to attract the draft people in this section :wave: Does anyone have contact info for Beth Edge, harness maker, in Michigan? I got Tiika's last harness from her and now my friend wants one for her Newf but I can't find Beth's info...
  18. Joan Fisher

    Beth Edge

    Does anyone have contact info for Beth Edge, harness maker in Michigan. I got Tiika's last harness from her and now my friend wants one for her Newf but I can't find Beth's info. Anyone have it? Joan
  19. Joan Fisher

    lessons in humility (long)

    :icon_redface: Well, Tiika and I went to the Wine Circuit Shows27-20 Sept. Tiika was entered in Open Obedience for 4 days. I figured she'd get her last 2 legs for CDX the 1st 2 days and we might even try bumping up to Utility for the last 2 days. Think again! The 1st day Tiika lagged and looked...
  20. Joan Fisher

    Wine Circuit shows

    Is anyone else going to the Wine Circuit show in Sampson State Park, NY this coming Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday? I'm doing Open A trials with Tiika all four days. My friend Jessie has her Landseer, Robbie, in conformation. There's a Newf Specialty on the weekend days. Hoping to see...