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  1. victoria1140

    TPLO Surgery

    Hi really sorry for late reply , not been on recently. Good non slip mats are a must ,help me up harness especially if your furkid hates going to the toilet on a lead. Barrier off all stairs and make ramps if needed. Good physio , but remember to keep them as calm as possible after surgery...
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    How much truth is there to newfy rescues?

    What do you need to know
  3. victoria1140

    Stroller / Cart / DIY recommendation for 9Y0 Raven w/ hip dysplasia

    I've used a wheelchair for one of our fees. Have you looked at Eddie's wheels as they do four wheel wheelchairs and tbh they aren't too difficult to get them into once you're used to it
  4. victoria1140

    6 Week Newfie Help!

    Well you've come to the right place. At least you now know in future be very careful when getting a puppy that it has all it's health checks. Is he /she ok. Mine got hot quickly so keep your house temperate.. I'm assuming you've switched diet already, get on adult food asap so they grow...
  5. victoria1140

    Joining the cruciate ligament club

    Well at least my little hellraisers came to us as they will get whatever they need Trying out an ear cleaner with lemon and lime extracts in it as the trizaural and acv/water mix was a bit too much for their ears and sent them nuts. So far it's looking promising and the acv water mix gets...
  6. victoria1140

    Borrowed Foster Newf

    Glad you are enjoying fostering him even temporarily. Glad mum is happy and fairly healthy as well. Just enjoy the fostering and see how it goes,at least this furkid knows he's loved by two families and I bet snuffles is happily chuckling over the handouts situation
  7. victoria1140

    What is your dogs' favorite snacks?

    Ours love dehydrated liver, cheese, though tbh pretty much any food . Though I darent leave my shopping bag unattended as the calabrese gets stolen first
  8. victoria1140

    Joining the cruciate ligament club

    Hi Angela,sorry for late reply. We've had a few cultures done on her ears and dreaded pseudonomas so until.we get her ears cleared up she can't have the surgery. Very frustrating but hoping things will get better soon.the ears are putting her off eating a bit so tempting her appetite as well...
  9. victoria1140

    What is your dogs' favorite snacks?

    Calabrese, sweet peppers and carrots plus any of our food
  10. victoria1140

    Dublin at 10

    He looks so comfy,at ten I think he can get away sneaking on the couch❤️
  11. victoria1140

    Joining the cruciate ligament club

    Took Luna in for her second cruciate to be done . Unfortunately she had a temperature which after two hours of sitting in front of a fan went down but too risky to do surgery. Bloodwork has come back clear but just waiting on ear swabs . We scanned her in case of pyo but again all clear...
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    Retired from Grooming

    Happy retirement
  13. victoria1140

    Can I vent?

    It's going to feel strange when you no longer have to deal with the inconsiderate nincompoops.
  14. victoria1140

    Joining the cruciate ligament club

    Hope this works
  15. victoria1140

    Joining the cruciate ligament club

    I'll try she is my ninja best , clever too much for her own good at times. August 14 th she goes in for her second leg to be done
  16. victoria1140

    How about a stupid customer story

    Some people. Luna had surgery for cruciate ligament injury and I am glued to her side still
  17. victoria1140

    West coast update.

    Sounds fun. Here it's been business as usual. I'm a key worker so no downtime
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    Enjoy your retirement
  19. victoria1140

    Laughlin’s time

    Big hugs it's our last and greatest gift we can ever give them.