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  1. drakese

    NCNC water test raffle

    North Central Newfoundland Club is raffling off a brand K9-111 dryer at their water test! If you win, you get to pick the color and it will be shipped to you. Winner need not be present. If you are outside the US you will be responsible for any additional costs associated with...
  2. drakese

    Challenge #144 Seasons

    Since relocating from Chicago to Puerto Rico, I really miss the changing of the seasons. Falling leaves, snow, new buds, anything, as long as it captures the season well.
  3. drakese

    Uwe and our backyard

    A photo of some of the landscaping....where's Uwe? Oh, there he is!
  4. drakese

    My lazy boy!

    Uwe has managed to figure out the exact spot to be in so he doesn't have to move when I need to get into the dishwasher. Such a bum!
  5. drakese

    Ways to discourage rabbits in yard?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping rabbits out of the backyard? The fact that Uwe regularly walks through and marks the yard has no impact on the rabbits living back there.
  6. drakese

    Not happy with me

    I guess Uwe really didn't want me to take his picture!
  7. drakese

    Newfiepalooza professional pic

    I had this picture taken at Newfiepalooza. I think John did such a wonderful job, I just had to share.
  8. drakese

    New CGC/TDI

    Woo hoo! Uwe and I went to NCNC's Newfiepalooza and he passed his test with flying colors! :D
  9. drakese

    Newf Bowl @ Newfiepalooza

    I was asked by Rhonda and Karen to make the football field for the first annual Newf Bowl. Here's what I've got so far....the end zone is going to be a surprise! Included are hubby and newfie to show scale.
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    avatar test

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    You've got a PM Thanks!
  12. drakese

    Embroidered Newfie Towel

    A coworker recently started a side business and I ordered a couple of holiday towels from her. Thought I'd share. She also has a variety of other newfie patterns.
  13. drakese

    avatar test

    See if it worked
  14. drakese

    Uwe's 2nd birthday

    Here is a picture of my big baby. I stole the idea from Sailorgirl...thanks Erin!
  15. drakese

    What Size Kong??

    A Kong seems to be the one toy/chewie that Uwe doesn't have. What size do you recommend? The largest? Somewhere in between? Thanks!!! Shawn and Uwe
  16. drakese

    Anyone Feed Turkey Bravo???

    We seem to have a problem with Uwe eating the turkey Bravo. He's never had issues with it before and we recently discovered that they are not using the same turkey that they once were. Just curious as to if anyone else has noticed any problems with their Bravo. Thanks, Shawn and Uwe
  17. drakese

    Favorite Conditioner

    I'm in the market for a nice conditioner for Uwe. Does anyone have any recommendations for a conditioner for regular use? Thanks, Shawn and Uwe
  18. drakese

    New Bad Habit

    Uwe is 16 months old. He has started biting at me when he gets excited. He doesn't break the skin, more along the lines of when he bites down and feels skin, he stops. I have tried yipping like I did when he was a puppy and that doesn't seem to have any effect. Any suggestions? Thanks, Shawn...
  19. drakese

    My baby, my protector

    Thought I would share my first protector story. I was getting Uwe's dinner ready this evening when the doorbell rang. Uwe looked at me, looked towards the door and knew he had to wait. I walked to the door with him right behind me. I opened the front door and looked out the screen door...
  20. drakese

    So excited!

    We're finally upgrading from dial-up to DSL, so now I can read NN over the weekend. Normally I have to do my reading and posting while I'm at work (shhhh, don't tell!) Had to share! Shawn and Uwe