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  1. Bojie

    A new member to our crew!

    Bojie and Rigsby wanted more "family" in the house. My breeder has been kind enough to share her girl with me, after begging to take her to show she finally caved:) Rigsbys niece (by his sister) is here! We're all in love! (Well. Bojie has a few choice profanities I think he mumbled under his...
  2. Bojie

    Premium for HCNC NCA WATER TEST

    Available here!
  3. Bojie

    HCNC Water tests

    Start planning now to come on out to beautiful Colorado for our 3 day NCA water test. September 13,14,15 THREE days of WD and WRD, 2 days WRDX (Sat. & Sun.) Ideal site! You wont want to miss it!
  4. Bojie

    HCNC International water rescue camp

    I can't begin to describe what an amazing weekend we had with Bettina and Annina. I am fairly certain Rigsby turned from a tadpole on day one to a WRDX dog on day 3. Having never really worked with him due to skin issues last year, he blew me out of the water with how capable and determined he...
  5. Bojie

    something else happened. . .

    RIGSBY TOOK BEST OF BREED TODAY! Under Judge Robert Stein, AND THEN!!! Went on to win a GROUP 4 under Judge Dr Robert Smith!!!! Holy Schmoley! He was up against 7 of the number one ranked working dogs in the group ring. I did very well pretending that I was not the ONLY non-professional handler...
  6. Bojie

    New Champion!

    Rigsby! Finished his championship today! Owner handled I sobbed like a baby into his fur in the ring when he was picked. My first show dog. I just couldn't ask for a better more patient boy. Here he is this evening enjoying his stay in the hotel room where he dined on steak. Love this boy!
  7. Bojie

    Meh! Did Orijen 6Fish make a formula change?

    Bag design is different. Price went up, amt in bag went down, and size of kibble is smaller. Riggs is also protesting. Anyone? Anyone?
  8. Bojie

    So proud of Rigsby!

    My baby piglet won Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the HCNC regional specialty this past weekend. Just getting his coat back from a major shed, he showed up in his underwear for the most part, but really owned that ring and as my very first show dog I couldn't be prouder. Going up against...
  9. Bojie

    European water rescue training camp coming to CO!

    Hi friends! Because I adore you, I wanted to let you in on breaking news! HCNC will be hosting Bettina and Annina Salmelin for their exciting water rescue camp training seminar June 14, 15, 16 in Colorado. Audit spots are UNLIMITED if anyone is interested in coming out for a long weekend in...
  10. Bojie

    HCNC AWESOME Regional Tee shirt for sale!

    High Country Newf Club is selling these AWESOME one of a kind, custom made tee shirts for our upcoming regional. 100% Cotton, pre-shrunk Gray shirts with the design below. For PREORDER only! Last day to order is Jan 28th! PM me for an order form!
  11. Bojie

    Happy Holidays from the Meathead and Co.

    Bojie and Rigsby wish their NN family very happy holidays! And what good is the magic of Christmas without some brotherly love?
  12. Bojie

    Happy Thanksgiving from Colorado!

    Love, Chief Bojie and Pilgrim Rigsby
  13. Bojie

    Photo's of Boss Hogg

    Bojie and I traveled to Texas for their water test. Although we had already earned his WRD in Colorado, this entry was placed before we entered the Colorado test, so we decided to continue with our travel plans, with a lot less pressure of a pass:-) The OWNC members are such an AMAZING group of...
  14. Bojie

    Few shots and video from WRD test

    This has to be one of my most favorite shots ever of Bojie. I worked SO hard with him to teach him to jump, it was one of our most difficult obstacles. After his first jump he went totally underwater and got water in his ears, and slightly spooked so it was a very long process to get his...
  15. Bojie

    NEW Water Rescue Dog!

    BOJIE earned his WRD title today! Our first WRD test, and he made me so proud! We've only had about a month to train since I was out of commission because of my torn calf muscle. He took FOREVER to get up the courage to jump off the boat, but once he did he's never looked back. I can't even...
  16. Bojie

    High Country Newf Club November Draft test premium

    Premium is up! November 3rd and 4th. Great site! Come on out to Colorado!
  17. Bojie

    New DRAFT DOG!!!!

    Yippeee! Boj made me work my butt off but he earned his draft title this weekend here in Colorado! So proud of my big boy! Bee Creek's Allan's Angel, CGC, TDI, RN, WD(1), BN, TODD, DD!!!! It's been a year since his TPLO. We're done with draft just in time for water season! Not sure if this...
  18. Bojie

    Photos at the National

    Just wanted to pass on that my good friend Melissa Sharp will be at the Nationals on Thursday and Friday available for an appoinment to take photos of your Newf! Whether they are entered or not, Melissa takes fantastic photos, most notible her photo seen on the cover of Newf Tide. Your Newf...
  19. Bojie

    some (a lot of) pics of the boys

    Bojie and Rigsby did really well a few weekends ago during a trip to Kansas. They both earned their Beginner Novice title, Riggs came in 1st and Bojie came in 2nd. And Rigsby earned his Rally Novice title with a perfect score. My little puppy is growing up, and has earned such high scores in...
  20. Bojie

    Boj & Riggs on the news

    A few links for you guys:) I have to first make this about our pups. Our boys have made it on our local news as our club does Christmas carting to benefit Newf rescue and Bojie has somehow become the spokesdog. We had a BLAST going to NBC studios to shoot. The Newscasters were SO nice to the...