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  1. Brinks' Mom

    Happy Birthday Brinks

    Brinks turned 3 years old yesterday!! I can't believe it...seems like yesterday we brought him home as a 12 week old baby. Its been 6 months since his TTA surgery and thanks to RBVH and all of the advice and help of our newf net family he is doing great! He got some steak for dinner....a...
  2. Brinks' Mom

    TTA 6 weeks ago

    Brinks had xray done today for followup and thankfully everything according to surgeon has "healed nicely". His advice was that we could start with some short walks now and start building up some muscle and see how he handles that. Thank goodness....because I think he has mentally thrown the...
  3. Brinks' Mom

    Club Membership

    Hello Everyone, It's been quite some time since I've posted. Life has been throwing some lemons at me consistently and I've been busy trying to make lemonade out of it. It's been a "HUGE" comfort to be able to come back here and read about all the advice and experiences in taking care of our...
  4. Brinks' Mom

    Fashion Statement

    Next think I know is the bib that was around his neck is sitting on top of his head like a hat.. And he seemed to like it this way better. [/IMG] [/IMG]
  5. Brinks' Mom

    Brinks is 1 years old

    My little boy turned 1 years old already. I can't believe it and I can't imagine life without him. I love him so much!
  6. Brinks' Mom

    Canidae Chicken and Rice

    All this recall stuff going on is terrible!!! I think our food is next!! I opened a new bag of Chicken and Rice and for some reason.....Brinks would not touch it. Sniff it and walk away only to go back after an hour and then eat some of it not all of it...did this for 2 days in a row. Just to...
  7. Brinks' Mom

    Bordatella reaction.....HELP!!

    I did a search on the topic and didn't really find anything to help me. I'm hoping you can give me some advice. Brinks got the Bordatella vaccine spray through the nose and on Friday (exactly one week to the day) started with mucous coming out of left nostril. I called VET and he suggested...
  8. Brinks' Mom

    Brinks and his new STEPS

    [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] I want to send a big THANKYOU to "luvxl k 9" for making me such wonderful steps!!! I absolutely love love love them!! Thank you for sending them so fast and they are the perfect height for our truck. Brinks went right up within a minute. All we had to say was...
  9. Brinks' Mom

    A little Hello from Brinks...xo

    Waiting for a cookie [/IMG] Dreaming about being at the ocean Mommy hugging my big smoochie face [/IMG] Playing fetch with Mommy [/IMG] Bringing my empty dish to Mommy for a refill [/IMG] Looking handsome today in the snow Last one....Happy St Patricks Day!!
  10. Brinks' Mom

    Football in the Snow!!!

    Yayyyyy!! We finally got a little bit of snow here in New Jersey. Just enough to make Brinks want to go out every 10 minutes and play in it and eat it. And boy did he play...running and jumping and rolling all around with his little red football and me the "Coo Coo Mom" out in the yard with my...
  11. Brinks' Mom

    Worried about Brinks

    I'm worried about Brinks and I'm hoping that someone is familiar with what I found. The other day while he was lying down next to me I noticed a small lump right next to his "private part". It's right in the middle along side of it. It's not his testicles since they have been checked and are...
  12. Brinks' Mom

    a new trick

    Brinks has learned a new trick today!! He's mastered carrying the newspaper up the driveway and to the door. I only give him a part of the paper since it's too heavy yet for him to carry it. Thankfully he lets it go without wanting to rip it up or my husband would definitely have a tantrum...
  13. Brinks' Mom

    Brinks at the beach

    Brinks is doing so good. He already is such a mush and a love but he does have his moments. Don't we all?? Here he is at the beach this past Sunday. He was brave enough to go up to the water but not ready to go in. Maybe next time. We made contact with trainer and she came to the house the...
  14. Brinks' Mom

    Hello......from Brinks

    Brinks wanted to say "hello" and "Happy New Year" to all of you. He's doing just Great!!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! I call that first picture his "panic look". It's when I'm getting his food ready. He must think I'm gonna forget to give it to I'm just realizing as I'm typing this that...
  15. Brinks' Mom

    Sorry to be a pest????

    I'm sorry if I'm being a pest in asking questions but I trust all of your answers. Ok....Brinks was on an all RAW diet mixed with a little bit of Innova when he was with breeder. I switched him to Canidae and am trying to incorporate some RAW too. Here's my question....he seems to like the...
  16. Brinks' Mom

    A present from my Heart......x

    Too all of you who have been so gracious and helpful over these last few months. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas with your families!! My Christmas Wish For You My Christmas wish for you, my friend Is not a simple one For I wish you hope and joy and peace Days filled with warmth and...
  17. Brinks' Mom

    Calling .....ALL........ Experts......

    Is it possible for an 11 week old ball of angelic looking floof to "LIFT HIS LEG" to pee pee????? (on the towel) Remember I mentioned "looking". My oh My have things changed around here!!! We take him out and he doesn't want to walk...he just lies down. Or if and when he decides to get up he...
  18. Brinks' Mom

    INTRODUCING........ baby "Brinks"

    I'd like to introduce the long awaited baby boy "Brinks". Our 27 pound little fluff ball is finally home. What fun we are having with him!!! We got home late Saturday night after a long 12 hour drive. (6 hours going and 6 coming back) but so worth it! He's really amazing with what he's...
  19. Brinks' Mom

    Missing Person

    Anyone know if Nikkimd7 is ok??? Last I heard she was visiting doctor for child's migraine and the other for stomach problem?? I sure hope all is ok with her family. Unless she ran off with the fence guy? lol..Just kidding. Hope everyone is alright. we miss you nikki.... :confused...
  20. Brinks' Mom

    8 week old Newfie "Fix"

    [/IMG] I was missing my little boy and needed a "fix" and since he is 6 hours away from me, my breeder was kind enough to send a picture of him playing outside yesterday. Here he is at 8 weeks old now and I'm bursting with anticipation to get him home. FYI....AFter very careful and endless...