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    Lexington Ky. dog show

    Is anyone entering the Lexington Ky. dog show? It closes Aug. 17th. I will be showing all 5 days 2 bitches..
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    Renee's little pink girl

    Here is a picture taken a few wks ago of Renee's little pink girl...I named her Cheyenne (Dreamtime's Mainland Girl). She is such a fun puppy we love her so much...
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    testing picture
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    Muncie results today?

    Does anyone know the results of the Muncie Indiana show today? we need scoop!!!!
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    Carting/draft info?

    I am looking for info so I can read and learn the right way to teach my Newfoundlands how to do draft/carting and earn thier title.Can anyone send me a link or info for this that will teach me the right way to teach my newfs?
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    Columbus,Ohio results?

    Does anyone have results from the Columbus,Ohio show this weekend yet?
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    New Champion

    :groovy:My Joey (AnchorBay Darbydale On The Move ) is a New Champion!!:beer::groovy::groovy: took WD at Fort Wayne show today to complete his championship!!! Owner handled:groovy: now he gets to move onto Obedience/rally and draft work..... Paula
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    Joey went to group!!!

    Showed 2 of my newfys at Columbus Indiana this weekend and they did very well!!! Today Joey (Anchorbays Darbydale On The Move) went WD,BOW,BOB:beer::beer: Halle ( Seadogs Glory Halelujah) went WB,BOS....:beer: Shown by myself (Owner handler) Halle also went WB,BOS,BOW Yesterday....:beer:
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    Gaby's Championship photo

    This is Gaby (Ch.Seadogs Angel of Mercy) photo taken at Troy Ohio this month going Best of Breed for her Championship.....not sure how to make the picture larger,not good at this yet.
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    Gaby is a champion!!!!!

    Wanted to say we went to the Troy Ohio show this weekend and what a great weekend we had.... Anchorbay Darbydale on The Move (Joey)took Best of Breed sat shown by my hubby Mike.....he did a great job.:dance01: today Seadogs Angel of Mercy (Gaby) took Best of Breed and is now a...
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    Come on guys Crown Point results????

    Hey Brooke and Dee how'd everyone do this weekend at Crown Point??? Need scoop:icon_bb:
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    Auburn dog show this weekend

    :allg069:Wanted to say that Gaby (Seadogs Angel of Mercy) took WB sat./sun. at Auburn Indiana, for 1 point each day....handled by me!:allg069:
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    My baby girl

    Here's a pictures of my baby girl Autumn being groomed today.
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    I was bathing Gaby and took this picture and thought it was cute...
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    Bigger view of Autumn

    Here's a bigger view of Autumn
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    Ms Autumn

    Thought I'd share a picture of Autumn have'nt shared one for awhile. She is 3 yrs. old now and such a joy to have around....:hugs:
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    deer bones and dogs??

    I am trying to find out if it's safe to give newfys deer bones to chew on if they are boiled first?? We are having a deer butchered and if it's safe I'd like to save the knuckle bones....but dont wanna hurt the health of my newfs either.
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    columbus winnings

    :D My Ms.Gaby took winner's and BO both days at Columbus Indiana this weekend for her first 2 points!!! :D Forgot the camera so no pictures. :( [ 09-23-2007, 01:58 PM: Message edited by: Black bear cove ]
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    Marshall Mich...

    Anyone heading to Marshall Mich.July 13th-15th?