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  1. Blacknewfs

    Newf Friends 2015 Calendar!

    Great news! The Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue 2015 calendars are available for online purchase on the Newf Friends store! There are also many new tee-shirt designs available. Head on over and do some shopping, all in support of rescue!
  2. Blacknewfs

    Tank's Happy Hips Fund!

    Hey everyone, Tank the Newf needs your help! 2 year old love-bug Tank needs new hips so that he can enjoy the happy, pain-free life he deserves! Please help by donating to TANK's HAPPY HIPS FUND! Donations to Newf Friends can be made online at Newf...
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    Newf Friends 2014 Calendars

    Get your 2014 Calendar today! Our Newf Friends online store is updated and our awesome 2014 calendars are ready to go! Order yours today before they are all gone!!! 100 % of the proceeds go to help Newfs in need.
  4. Blacknewfs

    Newf Friends Calendar

    Still looking at last year's calendar? What are you waiting for? Order your Newf Friends 2013 calendar today and we'll get it shipped out to you lickety split! Visit our online store now: to place your order! These awesome calendars feature photos of...
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    Online Bidding is Open!

    Newf Friends silent auction for our big fundraiser NewfStock is now live! Get your bids in!!!!! You can bid online in the album on our facebook page Check it out, there's some gorgeous pieces available! If you are not on Facebook, you can see the pieces on our blog.
  6. Blacknewfs

    Missing Newf Belleville, Ontario

    In case you missed this on our Facebook page, there is an 8 yr old, spayed female Newf who has gone missing in the Belleville, ON area. Here is the link to the Kijiji post. She has a tattoo and her coat has been clipped short. There is speculation that she may have been stolen.
  7. Blacknewfs

    Ottawa Area Newf Owners!

    July 1st in Ottawa, Ontario -- you are invited to bring your Newf to the National War Memorial to commemorate all Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans who fought at Beaumont-Hamel (France) in 1916. Here is the invite from Crystal Parsons sent to Newf Friends today: I would like to cordially...
  8. Blacknewfs

    New photos, as requested!

    OK you asked for it so here they are, some new photos of Floyd and the rest of the gang.... Floyd flying down a hill on our trails - he can't stop himself once he gets going! The birthday boy being patient, sort of...yes, that is a hamburger shaped cake Floyd full of smiles Neptune at...
  9. Blacknewfs


    Marin September 7, 2000 - March 29, 2012 Today we held Marin in our arms and said goodbye to our whiskey stealing, fridge raiding, beer thieving, rice krispie square loving, huggable, lovable, adorable, beautiful bear. The gentlest Newf who had a perfect calm, cool, collected, alpha...
  10. Blacknewfs

    Myrtle Beach?

    Anyone near Myrtle Beach? If so, can you PM me please!
  11. Blacknewfs

    Anti BYB Campaign on FaceBook!

    If you're on FaceBook, please follow along on our Newf Friends FaceBook Page as we begin our campaign to educate dog lovers about how to identify Back Yard Breeders. We will be posting daily tips on our FaceBook page, then compiling all of these tips for a complete page on our blog. If you...
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    It's raining Newfs

    2012 is off to a busy start! We've got lots of Newfs available for adoption -- 8 of them ready to go now, and more arriving this week. If you live within a 10 hour drive of south/central Ontario and are looking to add a new member to your family, check out our available dogs and submit an...
  13. Blacknewfs

    My Beautiful Zoë

    My beautiful Zoë is gone, far too soon. I have no words, just a broken heart. December 8, 2002 - January 9, 2012
  14. Blacknewfs

    It's been a while (pic heavy)

    I haven't posted photos here in ages, so here's a few from the last month or so.... My precious Zoë covered in snowballs Sushi for Zoë on her 9th birthday Sweet Marin, 11 years old now Goofy Matilda! Neptune, he's turning 8 tomorrow! Where does the time go...
  15. Blacknewfs

    When they stop eating...

    Zoë has gone off her food and we are now trying to come up with different things to encourage her to eat. Having been down this road losing 2 other dogs to cancer I know this is a very bad sign and that we are now nearing the end. We know her time with us is very limited, it has already been...
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    Has anyone had experience with a dog recovering from early stages of bloat on their own? If so, did you x-ray and were there signs of gas in the stomach still? I had a real scare with Neptune (8 yr old male). At dinner time last night instead of coming for dinner he ran outside and was...
  17. Blacknewfs

    NewfStock 2012 - Bancroft, Ontario

    PSSSSST, did you hear? NewfStock 2012 is a go! September 14-16, 2012 in Bancroft Ontario. BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOM NOW!!! We have reserved a block of rooms at the Best Western, but there is also a wedding that weekend and the hotel is filling up FAST. This is the hotel that is directly next...
  18. Blacknewfs

    My beautiful little Zoë

    As many of you know, my Zoë came up lame in October. Xrays showed a lesion on her bone (front left leg, near the shoulder) which we assumed was bone cancer. We repeated x-rays 2 weeks later and the lesion had not spread, and actually looked to have possibly reduced in size. We thought perhaps...
  19. Blacknewfs

    Video of dog bloating

    For those of you who may have missed this, here is a video that is floating around Facebook of a dog in the middle stages of bloat. U1WrT2719yo
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    Newf Friends 2012 Calendars!

    Have you ordered your Newf Friends 2012 calendar yet? 100% of the proceeds go directly to help Newfs in need. The 2012 calendar is 12x18 printed on heavy grade high gloss paper and spiral bound. It features photos of Newfs from our huge NewfStock event -- many of you will recognize the...