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  1. ozzysma

    carrollton, georgia. anyone there?

    i am heading to carrollton next week with work. anything interesting to see quickly or great places to eat? oh and what is the weather like this time of year? patti
  2. ozzysma

    eye issues

    i had ozzy to the vets for a staph infection. first thing the vet says when he walks in and looks at ozzy is what is wrong with his eye? i have not notices anything. he ways its not an injury. he shines a light in ozzys eyes and shows me what looks like a white disc/spot on the back of his eyes...
  3. ozzysma

    dog cookie/treat mix???

    does anyone know of a company that sells premade cookie mix/treat mix?? i am making a gift basket for newf stock and want to do a treat basket with cookie cutters and mix and treats and such?? i would think this would be available somewhere?? any help please??
  4. ozzysma

    stevie is 2!

    my sweet little girl is 2 today!! her and her brother ozzy get to take a trip to petsmart for a toy. also lots of treats. i cannot believe how much my two furkids have brought to my life!!!
  5. ozzysma

    has anyone ever seen this??

    now that dart season has started i am wishing i had a set of dart flights with newfies on them. has anyone ever seen this or am i searching for something that just does not exist??? i am also willing for pay if anyone has seen or knows where i can get them or can help ?? patti
  6. ozzysma

    Nn nana's big day!!!

    a little birdie told me that someone is having a big birthday on monday(tomorrow) yes that would be murphy's nana!!! NN nana extrodinaire! ozzy and stevie and me are sending big wishes that you have the best day ever Nana!!!
  7. ozzysma

    posting pics for carlina

    here are a few pics from carlina . her new grandpuppy miley at 17 weeks. here is miley and nana playing,
  8. ozzysma

    carlina's crew

    i am posting pics for carlina. the first is a pic of her two emma and nana. two such sweet girls. the second is her new grandbaby miley!!
  9. ozzysma

    stevie is 1!!!

    my little girl is 1 today!!! she has only been in our life for 3 months but i could not imagine not having her around !! she is a sweet, happy little girl, a tough little sister to ozzy and just a complete joy to have around!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET LITTLE GIRL!!!
  10. ozzysma

    Ozzy turns 4 today!!

    today my big boy turns 4!! he is such a big sweet boy with lots of energy and he truly is my best bud!! i cannot believe the changes in my life since he has joined it. i have met wonderful new friends, we have done some great road trips togeather , he has opened my eyes to help other pets less...
  11. ozzysma


    i have been putting a bit of yogurt on stevie and ozzys food. while reading labels i noticed even the plain has grams of sugar??? what is with that?? does anyone add yogurt to the food and how much or what kind?? and about the pumpkin, is it just for runs or is it a good addition for everyday??
  12. ozzysma

    ozzy has a new sister!!

    ozzy would like to announce that he now has a little sister!!! her name is stevie and she is a cute little 9 month old newfy. this is her!! and this is us togeather!! i was truely blessed to be able to give this girl a home!! her and ozzy are doing wonderful togeather and she is just the...
  13. ozzysma

    dock dogs anyone??

    we have a big dog fair thing in port perry each year and they have dock dogs there so i went over to check it out. it really is quite a neat fun thing to do with your dog but it was mostly labs. has anyone tried this with their newfs or have seen it ?? i was thinking of trying it with ozzy but...
  14. ozzysma

    birthdays are great!!

    even though mom made me get my pics done with this stupid hat, i had a great day!!! i got to play at the dog park with my bro!!! i got some great presents!! and lots of treats!! makes for a tired boy!!
  15. ozzysma

    ozzy and me at the parade!

    here is ozzy and me at the santa claus parade with newf rescue.
  16. ozzysma

    attacked by a dog!

    i was attacked by a dog while walking ozzy at my trailer park(seasonaL) the dog got loose while the owner was putting it out on its tieout. it was the most terrifying thing i have had happen to me!! ozzy was completely untouched but i ended up with the top of my finger almost severed(the top of...
  17. ozzysma

    ozzys proud of being a newf!

    i managed to get a pic of ozzy at our trailer last weekend sitting under the flag! doesnt he looks like a proud newfie!!!!
  18. ozzysma

    anyone else do this????

    i had never thought this a problem before the pet food recalls, but i buy the largest bag of eagle pack and i have a large rubber maid tote that i keep it in. it is easier to work with than the bag. so once pored in the tote i throw the bag away.??? i guess i should keep the stamp on the bag or...
  19. ozzysma

    ozzys no watch dog!!!

    i got home from work yesterday , i work midnights so its 8:30 in the morning, only to find that some stupid #%$*&# has smashed out half the windows in our van. there is glass everywhere front, driver side and side window are gone, and they were nice enough to leave us the axe that they used to...
  20. ozzysma

    ozzy new bib!

    here is ozzy in his new bib. fashioned by sue(2paws). it is so well made and looks so good on ozzy. ozzy though is not too sure about it.