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    Belle says Happy St Pattys Day

    Thought I would share, this was Belle 2 years ago in the parade, she will be gone 1 year on April 5, I miss her so much
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    Bentley lost his battle with Osteosarcoma yesterday He was 10 years old, he is the second Newfie in 9 months that I lost to this awful disease He is with his sister Belle now.
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    Merry Christmas

    I just wanted to wish every one a safe and Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Newf Year
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    Missing Newfies in Michigan

    These Newfies are missing in Michigan
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    I hope every one has a happy and safe Turkey day
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    Happy Halloween

    Belle and Bentley and Lulu wish every one a safe Halloween
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    A newfie gathering

    HI There we are having a Newfie Gathering at the Winnagamie Dog Club in Menasha Wi ,the address is 2043 Manitowoc Rd Menasha Wi. The date is August 20 from 10-3. We are having Dr Jim Ziegler as a speaker his speciality is Orthopedic issues. We are having several demo's, Grooming,Laser...
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    This is my Bentley, we lost Belle a month ago so I thought I would change the picture, I miss her so much. Bentley is 9 and 1/2 yrs old, we just rescued a 10 week old Lab/Great Pyr puppy, she is a sweetie, it has been 10 yrs since we've had puppies, what an awakening, not getting much sleep and...
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    My sweet Belle went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 5,2016. She was 10 yrs old. She had a very aggressive form of Osteosarcoma on her shoulder, from when we found out to the day we released her from her pain was one week. She was the light of my soul, we did alot of fun things, she had her CGC...
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    Anal Gland Surgery

    Has any one ever have an Anal Gland Removal Surgery, they are suggesting it for Belle because her glands always fill up, she is on grain free TOTW, and she seems to get either UTI or Staph infections, I express her glands about every 7-9 days. The vet thinks the UTI comes back because of the...
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    NN prayers

    I know the power of NN so I am again asking for prayers for my Husband Ron, he is having a complete shoulder replacement on Wednesday the 18, this right on the heels of my back surgery and Bentleys Surgery. Thank you ever so much
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    The ACL club stricks again

    Well it looks like Bentley is going to have his torn ACL repaired, I am going to try to schedule it before my husbands shoulder replacement, I am hoping to get it done next week,I just had back surgery so this should be interesting, I think I will keep Bentley at the vet until he can bare weight...
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    Here we go again

    Bentley has a torn ACL, on the left side, so his surgery is Nov 14 I am having back surgery some time this month My husband is having a Shoulder Replacement in Dec 18 Some times I just wonder what could possibly happen next, can't wait until this year is over with.
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    we are official

    We are official, today I got the TDI packet in the mail, we have our Tags, Bandanas, Picture ID and a list of places we can go to visit as Therapy dogs. As one would know it I may need back surgery so it may be a bit before we can actually go some place but I am proud to be a menber to TDI
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    New TDI Newfies

    Belle and Bentley, passed their TDI test yesterday, we are so proud and can't wait to get started, they also have their CGC.
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    Has any one ever heard of this, it suppose to be Holistic pain killer, and helps with inflamation?
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    Prayers needed again

    This has been an awful year for my family In January and April I lost both my brothers to heart attacks, my husband has been very ill and now My only sister just found out she has uterine cancer, she is having surgery on Tuesday, it is a large and fast growng cancer, hopefully it did not spread...
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    My Husband is Home

    I just wanted to Thank everyone for your prayers and well wishes, Ron came home today and hopefully the meds will work and he will get alot better soon.
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    PLease pray

    Please pray for my Husband who is in the hospital, anxiety issues, its been a very bad week, first my brother Died and now this.
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    Another Death

    Last night my brother died, he had Stage 4 MS, but they think he had a heart attack, he was only 63-1/2. He could not walk and was in assisted living. Back in January of this year my other brother died, they thought a heart attack. Now its just My sister and me left, I feel so deeply saddened...