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  1. ZeusTitan

    Laryngeal Paralysis in a 9-year-old Newf

    My 9-year-old Zeus began exhibiting symptoms about 6 months ago and was was diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis after being seeing by his vet. The diagnosis was based on a visual/auditory examination and since then, his condition has declined rapidly. I've read the section on Laryngeal Paralysis...
  2. ZeusTitan

    Bladder Infection? HELP!

    Hi guys, I was hoping that someone might be able to shed some light on Titan's symptoms. He was up all night panting and pacing and then this morning when we went for a walk he kept stopping to pee every couple of seconds and nothing would come out (after the initial urination). His drool...
  3. ZeusTitan

    Tips for getting settled into a new apartment

    Merry Christmas, everyone! :) I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for helping newfs get settled into a new new home. We just sold our house and moved into an apartment, and we want to make the transition as comfortable for them as we can. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly...
  4. ZeusTitan

    PLEASE HELP - My newf isn't eating!

    Whenever something is wrong this is usually the first place I turn (especially when the vet is closed for the evening) so hopefully you guys can help -- Titan, my 5-year-old newf -- isn't eating. He's always been a finicky eater but he will usually eat at least one meal a day. But it's been more...
  5. ZeusTitan

    Natural Balance Weight Management

    Does anyone use Natural Balance Weight Management Formula to feed their big guys? Right now we're feeding them Natural Balance Venison & Sweet Potato. How much/how many times do you guys feed your dogs? Titey has picked up a bit of weight and we just want to make sure it's not what or how we're...
  6. ZeusTitan

    Newf Rescues in VA/DC Area

    Hey everyone! Its been awhile since I last posted, I've missed all of you. I am finally settled in at law school in Charlottesville and I am in the process of looking for an apartment for the upcoming school year that will allow me to finally adopt one of these gentle giants to live with me out...
  7. ZeusTitan

    Territory Marking? (sorry if this is in the wrong thread!)

    Hey guys, I'm completely perplexed by a new behavior that one of my newfs is exhibiting & I was hoping that some of you might be able to offer some insight. I posted a few months back about my parents separating because Titan had started going to the bathroom in the house. The vet determined...
  8. ZeusTitan

    One Very Sad Newfy :(

    I am writing because I need some advice... Recently my parents separated and my dad moved out just while they figure things out with one another. Unfortunately, one of my newfies took it very hard. For the first time in the 4 years he has been alive, Titan has started pooping in the house. My...
  9. ZeusTitan

    Sockeye Salmon Oil Capsule Dosage Question

    Quick question... I purchased the Sockeye Salmon Oil capsules that were recommended on this site several times by VitalChoice. They're 1000mg each. I was just wondering how much you guys typically give your newfs & how many times a day? Also how do you administer the capsules (I.e. wrapped in...
  10. ZeusTitan

    TPLO Update: Good News!!

    Just wanted to give you all an update on how Zeus is doing, especially considering how helpful all of you have been throughout the whole process. This forum has truly been a lifeline for my family - we even followed the sockeye salmon oil advice to strengthen his joints & the capsules just...
  11. ZeusTitan

    Tricks to Teach for Post Op Entertainment!

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest some training games to play with a dog who is recovering from TPLO surgery. We came up with this idea after Zeus started exhibiting "leash-carrying" behaviors when we take him outside - meaning he turns his head and holds part of the leash in his mouth and...
  12. ZeusTitan

    Post TPLO Harness

    I purchased the Ruff Wear Assist & Lift Harness but it turns out it is pretty useless as it only helps lift the front end. I'm wondering if anyone has found a type of harness that the dog can wear comfortably all of the time (24/7) that he doesn't have to take off to go to the bathroom & that...
  13. ZeusTitan

    Adopting Young Adult Newfies

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum (although I've become a very active member in the past few days - its addicting!) and I'm currently finishing up my senior year at the University of Michigan. Having raised 2 Newfies with my family in Chicago, they have, as I'm sure you can all guess, become my...
  14. ZeusTitan

    Happy Newf Year!

    From Titan :lol:
  15. ZeusTitan

    Hello from Chicago Suburbs!

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone & let you know how excited I am to join a group where everyone loves Newfies as much as I do! :) Sadly I'm currently away from mine at school in Michigan but I plan on going to law school next year & hopefully rescuing one to keep me company out there. My dogs...
  16. ZeusTitan

    CCL Tear :(

    About a year ago, my Newfie was diagnosed with a partial CCL tear on his left hind leg. We decided to hold off on the surgery due to his large size, but lately he has been having a lot more trouble getting up. We took him to the vet the other day and he warned us that while surgery was not a...