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  1. Wayne A

    Merry Christmas from me & the Girls

  2. Wayne A

    Photo Fun..Regal Poses

    Sorry I'm dealing with the Shingle and it's in my eye. Very annoying But I'll try get something going. Try and get that Newfoundland look but anything will do. Let just take some photos and have some fun. You may be surprised what expressions you'll get. Let see them try for regal but anything...
  3. Wayne A

    Can't seem to get ahead

    :beatdeadhorse: My lucky streak carries on. After my eye aggravating me all week and then my face breaking out in a rash a went to Dr. Well now I have Shingles to deal with. LOL. I'll just keep smiling and carry on. :)
  4. Wayne A

    Please have my Chloe in your thoughts on Wednesday

    Chloe has what is called Epulis. Where I have circled the teeth there should be two white triangular teeth sticking up. The Epulis has engrossed the teeth'. It's quite hard and doesn't seem to pain her. On Wed 29 th going to Guelph to see Dog Dental Surgeon. They most likely will have to remove...
  5. Wayne A

    Silly Goose

    Love the Reflection
  6. Wayne A

    Some Flower

    These are from the Niagara Floral House.
  7. Wayne A

    More Newf Stock

    Jeff's new pup.
  8. Wayne A


    Took these a few weeks ago. I only want to share so please enjoy. There is so much more on my Flickr. Please Enjoy them.
  9. Wayne A

    Ina: Update

    Had communications with our old friend Ina yesterday. For those interested this is a copy. She's doing awesome. Good..freakin’ the saying goes! I hope you have..had ALL the excitement you got/wanted, and are now..moving with care..and holding on to edges/banisters,
  10. Wayne A

    Newfstock Photos

    All my photos are available for view by clicking on my link bellow to Flickr. Enjoy. I'm recovering well and hope to be around more.
  11. Wayne A

    New Rule Photo Challenge

    Hi Guy's
  12. Wayne A

    Titan Arum. Worlds largest flower

    Also known as Corpse flower. Opens once every 7- 10 years. This is 10 days ago when it was closed. It's 92 inches tall. This is it open the other day. It usually open for 24 -48 hours. This was a unique experience to whiteness & photo this rare occurrence. These were taken at Niagara...
  13. Wayne A

    Hello I'm still around.

    Hi friends I'm popping in to say Hello. As most of you know I have had more then my share of health issues. Seven weeks ago I fell down a full flight of basement stairs. I fractured my cheek and orbital bone ,did a good number on some ribs ,knees anyhow I finally picked my camera up again last...
  14. Wayne A

    Three Generations

    Eden(C), Kandy(L), Chloe (R).
  15. Wayne A

    Playing with layers

    Just wanted to share this. I've been experimenting with layers and opacity. I hope you enjoy this as it's my Chloe and the shores of Newfoundland in the back. Sadly Chloe has never been there.
  16. Wayne A

    Photo Challenge 276: Fun with captions

    I think after this drawn out winter we could all use some laughter. So I what to see photos and you can add a caption on the photo or if you don't know how message me and I'll help or just write it under or over you photo. This would make a good tutorial theme adding text to your photo. Here's a...
  17. Wayne A

    Posting Photos

    Ok now Jeannie and I have made a great effort to help we have covered most hosting sites. You may get them all to work or you may just get one to work. If you get one to work then stick with what works for you. We all are using different operating systems & browsers so it's going to be hit and...
  18. Wayne A

    Post using Photobucket

    1-Click copy direct link 2-Open post insert image box 3- backspace to clear 4-Paste in box and click OK
  19. Wayne A

    How I post using Flickr

  20. Wayne A

    Improving your photos

    Well I'm going to take the reins and try and get things going. When we had our poll there was a good response on learning to take better photos. So I'm asking for some suggestions to start something. So tell us what you would like to know about or more about controls technique composition what...