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  1. Newfobsessed

    Breederpuppy issue - please respond

    Hello!! I met a breeder through the internet. Her lines are what I have and love. She had a puppy she told me was available, so I sent a deposit. After a few weeks, I sent the full payment and we agreed to ship him. Right around the time to ship him, she changed her mind that she was not...
  2. Newfobsessed

    Pros & Cons to neutering an older Newf

    Hello!! I need the advise of my fellow Newf Net people. My boy is almost 8 years old and I am considering neutering him. He does not mark and has calmed down around the ladies, so my reason is not behavioral. I have been told that this will lessen his chance of getting some cancers, which means...
  3. Newfobsessed

    Whitening the White???

    Would anyone care to share any tips, formulas, etc. for getting the white on your Newf really bright white??? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Newfobsessed

    Newf in Antwerp Ohio needs help!

    PLEASE look on Petfinder for this boy! He is a landseer who was first squashed by his mother, then his "owners" tried to castrate him as they do their sheep, he has cherry eye and leg issues, BUT he is alive, walking and super sweet!!!! I looked on the NCA website and did not see a rescue for...
  5. Newfobsessed

    Less Newfies in shows???

    Is it just in my area, or are the numbers of Newfies entering shows diminshing? At the upcoming Howard County show on Saturday, there are only 4 Newfs entered! In Virginia a few weeks ago, only three were entered and only one showed up - us. Just as a comparison, at Howard County I believe...
  6. Newfobsessed

    Fun games for Newfies and their people

    I've been asked to coordinate some games for Newfies and their people to play. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I thought of a kissing contest, and a water baloon contest, but ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!
  7. Newfobsessed

    Back in Black Adoption Event

    Hi!! I was sent an event notification from Best Friends entitled Back in Black Adoption Event. They are requesting those who have digital cameras and can upload pictures on line to try this. They are even offering a webinar session on photographing black animals. Once you are trained, they will...
  8. Newfobsessed

    Pet Appreciation Week

    I just found out, late as usual, that this week is Pet Appreciation Week. So I thought why not ask my NN friends to post why they appreciate their wonderful furry members of the family, and maybe share with us what you do for your beloved friend to show your appreciation.
  9. Newfobsessed

    Confiscating dogs in GA., SC & NC

    Warning to all show people and people traveling through the states of Georgia, North Carolina and S Carolina. The above states will confiscate your dogs if traveling through them and they stop you and you can't show proof of vaccination for rabies. They stopped people returning from the Perry...
  10. Newfobsessed

    Fence Jumping

    Ever since my Gabe jumped our fence to try and save the deer that had been hit by a car, he loves doing his new "trick". I have pulled him off the fence and scolded him, kept him away with a large stick and saying "No fence" as I positioned the stick between him and the fence then praising him...
  11. Newfobsessed

    Urgent help needed for rescued brown Newf!

    Dear Newf Lovers and especially you experts. I really need your help. I have been asked for foster a brown female Newf who was rescued with a few others from a backyard breeder. She is in horrible shape, but better than she was. Half her coat is missing, down her back and onto her tail. She had...
  12. Newfobsessed

    Hairy Heroes: Canine Lifeguards Hit Italy's Beaches - TIME

    There is a great article in Time showing Newfies on an Italian beach watching and ever on the alert while a 25 km open water simming event is going on. I wish I could attach it somehow, but here is the address:,8599,1917618,00.html I hope it works. It's...
  13. Newfobsessed

    AKC Pledge to help Newfs

    I was just sent an email regarding taking a pledge on the AKC site. The club with the most pledge takers can win cash prizes and most importants the breed's rescue or health challenge that you pick and be helped. - this is the email for it...
  14. Newfobsessed

    The ideal wood floor

    Hi!! I had my extremely old rug (green sculptured - yuk) torn up and found beautiful,ubt old and dry wood floors underneath. They need to be refinished, but I would greatly appreciate any info on the best way to refinish them and should I have them coated in polyurethene or is there something...
  15. Newfobsessed

    Newfie Search and Rescue - anyone?

    My beloved Gabe has a nose that does not quit. My younger boxer was starting training on search and rescue due to his good nose, but Gabe puts him to shame. So, I am trying to find a search and rescue in the MD/DE/PA area that will work with a Newf. I am not having any luck. I was so smitten...
  16. Newfobsessed

    Got my Newf and I am back and HAPPY in MD

    Hi!! I am so grateful Newf Net exists. I finally got my first Newfoundland after searching for over two years, and he is so worth the wait. I am hoping to meet other Newf owners/lovers in my area (MD/DE/PA), as he has yet to see another Newf or go swimming, which I would love for him to be...
  17. Newfobsessed

    Shipping a newf from Canada to the US

    Dear Fellow Newf Lovers: Can anyone recommend to me a way to safely and quickly have a newfie puppy "shipped" to me from, if possible, the airport in Regina Canada to our Eastern shore - NJ/PA/MD???? Thank you!!!!