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  1. Erika

    How is?????

    Everyones senior luvs doing? Gigi is almost 11 now and a wild child still , holding her Alpha status just fine, no stiffness no health issues.....Gunther will be 10 the first of the yr, he is a bit stiff some days but still a lover boy and can run like lightening if motivated. heres hoping that...
  2. Erika

    Gandolph Man

    Gandolph is approaching 4 now and he has matured over night, at least outwardly , he is still a puppy at heart and will always be our big goof ball. 5 1/2 months old 3 1/2 yrs old but see he is a goof he still tries to fit on his puppy chair.....OH GANDY bear...
  3. Erika

    Photo Challenge 236

    show me your thinker pics, can be a human or any animal that is in deep thought or contemplation. Ok let it rip!!!!! and enjoy:allg069::bear: heres examples Piggyluv a master of deep thought Gandolph always thinking and wondering
  4. Erika

    OUR Gigi is wild

    How is everyones seniors doing? Gigi is 10 now and hasnt slowed down a bit, shes what we call a CWAZY!!!!!! girl. Do ya think having the young pyrs and feeding her all the raw veggies is pumping her spunk?:lol: She always been more active than Piggyluv ever was but lately shes a zooming...
  5. Erika

    just a few pics of my luvs

    My senior sweet Gigi :kgo_027: ever gentle Greta Rose lover boy Gunther and last but not least our big goof ball Gandolph , sitting on Aunt Jess' and hanging out on HIS window sill Greta and Gandolph hope you enjoyed:sunflower:
  6. Erika

    pics of the 4 luvs

    just wanted to share a pic of my 4 luvs, Gigi and Gunther , Gandolph and Greta Rose, Greta always makes funny faces for the camera, as you can see Gandolph my boy Pyr towers over our newfs. Gandy tries to fit in chairs that he used to fit in last yr, sure aint it works...
  7. Erika

    how are????

    How are all those beautiful seniors doing today.....Got pics??????:heart::heart:
  8. Erika

    How is?????

    How are all the seniors doing?????
  9. Erika

    Need info on serotinin levels for dogs

    Anyone know anything about serotonin levels for big dogs and issue of aggressive behaviors because of it?????? A friends male pyr is having some bad issues with fear aggressive outbursts , they are unpredictable and getting more frequent.She has tried behavior modification and other things to no...
  10. Erika

    Merry Christmas

    Our gang had a tongue theme going on this yr..but wishes you a merry Christmas anyhow......still trying to get better Rose Gandolph Gunther Gigi was the good girl and a special Merry Christmas from our angel Piggyluv
  11. Erika

    Need help!!!!! anyone in or near Roanoke Va

    Today a pyr was rehomed and she escaped fro her new home, she is somewhere in Roanoke, her name is Marilyn , she is chipped. She has never been in the city before and just had pups a few months ago. If anyone can please help us find her or cross post this I would appreciate it. Please contact...
  12. Erika

    Christmas memories and decorations

    Just sitting here thinking about an idea our vet had, they are having a memorial tree for all the loves lost this yr, they sent a paper heart for us to decorate and return to hang on the tree.They are having a eulogy andmemorial service Dec 13th, i think it will be comforting. Since so many of...
  13. Erika

    Thanksgiving walk to visit a soul

    Every turkey day we take a special walk with our luvs, this yr was no different except we went for the walk in the crunchy leaves to be with the things Piggyluv( Gerik) loved most. I have always said since piggs left Gandolph would follow in his foot steps........heres what gift Gandolph gave us...
  14. Erika

    Happy Thanksgiving

    the Taylor gang is wishing everyone a safe , happy and healthy thanksgiving :wave::hugs::alc:
  15. Erika

    Photo Challenge #117

    here ya go!!!!! I have always found a serenity and naturalness in profile shots of my luvs, show me your best profile shots of your animals, can be a full body profile or just a head shot. Can include humans too. looking forward to see all the gorgeous shots. heres a few examples
  16. Erika

    A fall kiss from Piggyluv

    A golden leaf fell on Gandolph today while he was laying outside, despite all the heavy wind it stayed on him till he got up and came in, I like to believe it was a kiss :kiss:from Piggyluv, he loved the fall leaves so much every year.
  17. Erika

    Through a dogs ears

    Recently a dear Pyr friend of our sent us the 3 Cd through a dogs ears, its calming music for dogs. Well after the 2nd Cd my gang sure went for the was hilarious Greta calmed and snoozed to Winter largo gandolph loved Hayden ( sonata) Gigi just chilled with it all and Gunther Oh...
  18. Erika

    Gandolphs steps dont fit anymore...NN , white newf!!!!

    Please help me explain to my Gandolph that steps dont grow with a pyrs big but.:uhoh2::uhoh2: He was having such a bad Einstien hair day I couldnt tell him his steps were too small:banghead::uhoh2::icon_redface:
  19. Erika


    Today my Piggyluv would have been 14 yrs old, Oh I miss him soooooo much!!!! Happy Birthday Mas Luv!!!!! You still feel my heart with joy. Join me in celebrating his long life eberyone, He is my Keeper of the stars now. Not many know his real name was Gerik....erik with a G my name sake. these...
  20. Erika

    flood areas

    Hope everyone in the flood areas are doing OK!!!!!!