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  1. Jeff in Ottawa

    Newf saves stranded loggerhead turtle

    Hi everyone. I haven't been around much lately. Mostly lurking. However, I have to share this cute story of a Newf saving a loggerhead turtle in the Boston area.
  2. Jeff in Ottawa

    It was a year ago today

    That we said goodbye to White. It still stings. We still miss you, you big lug. :kiss: :hug: mid-April, 2014. Enjoying just about the last patch of snow in the neighbourhood. Here's a virtual scratch, pal. And a treat. :heart:
  3. Jeff in Ottawa

    (NN) Heartwarming video of dog with a neat plot twist

    I know it's not for everyone but I'm registered. wlFiMoCbVMQ
  4. Jeff in Ottawa

    Dog's breakfast

    With certain impending changes (see the Open Discussion section), I try to make sure that I still give Kera lots of love and the time and attention she needs and deserves. Therefore this was her breakfast yesterday. Salmon tunalini kibble with salmon oil and real BACON!!!
  5. Jeff in Ottawa

    2 bits of great news to share...

    Hi everyone. I have two bits of great news to share. The first is that I successfully completed my first marathon a week ago today. I was hoping for a time under 4 hours but the race didn't quite go according to plan. Problem number 1 was that I developed a blister at the 7 km mark so I had to...
  6. Jeff in Ottawa

    Newf and Abandoned Calf become BFFs

    Beautiful Landseer befriends calf abandoned by her mother. Calf now thinks she's a dog. MOOOOOOOFF!
  7. Jeff in Ottawa

    Bow Wow Wow... Another Dog Rides the Bus! (NN)

    A Lab in Seattle regularly rides the bus by herself... and you'll never guess where she's going! :lol: P.S. Yes, the title of this thread is a Queen spoof. :icon_bb: And maybe...
  8. Jeff in Ottawa

    November is "Adopt a Senior Pet Month"

    Hi everyone. Newf Friends has a really nice post on the fact that November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Let's help spread the word. :)
  9. Jeff in Ottawa

    Kera the rescue

    A little while ago I posted a thread asking how soon is too soon to get another Newf after losing the previous one. A lot of people said, "you'll know". It appears that we now know. :lol: Everyone, I'd like to introduce Kera! She's currently passed out on the floor beside me, still wearing a...
  10. Jeff in Ottawa

    How soon is too soon... or how long to wait?

    It's been just over a month since we lost White. Almost from the day he crossed the Bridge we have been remarking about how odd it is that the house is so quiet. We are definitely going to get another dog, probably a Newf, but we are a little concerned about how soon is too soon. We don't want...
  11. Jeff in Ottawa

    White d'Elsa

    I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post this. I've struggled to get the words right and to find the right photos for a tribute to such an incredible creature. Posting this also makes it real and I'm still not ready to accept that but I know that I have to...
  12. Jeff in Ottawa

    Please spare a thought for White. It's time

    Hi everyone. I haven't posted in a while but White's mobility has been steadily dropping. So ummm... :shuffle:Last night he reached the point that his back legs are so weak that his front legs, which are also weakening, can no longer compensate. :cussing2: :grrr: :cry: Life has become a series...
  13. Jeff in Ottawa

    Thoughts on Gabapentin?

    So White is now approaching 12 and his back end is definitely weakening. He has been on Deramaxx (75 mg, once a day) for a while now and we added Tramadol (200 mg, twice a day) last fall. About a week ago his vet recommended we add Gabapentin (600 mg, twice a day). Does anyone have any...
  14. Jeff in Ottawa

    For Shel, Jeannie, and other Saint Bernard lovers (NN)

    Ok, so this kind of behaviour is not limited to Saint Bernards but I think the bigger they are the funnier this looks (especially when it's not your house!) :roflmao: I snagged this from this list of photos, which I found painfully funny...
  15. Jeff in Ottawa

    For Leonard and other fans of the Pesky Little Varmints (NN)

    Presented without further comment. :D cG4CEr2aiSg
  16. Jeff in Ottawa

    Happy Gotcha Day!

    It was 6 years ago today that we adopted Black and White. :allg069: Even though Black is no longer with us ( :cry: ), White is still going strong. :icon_bb: Here are a few recent shots: Less than impressed with the squirrels in the back yard: Almost 11 and a half and still powering up...
  17. Jeff in Ottawa

    As seen on TV...

    I take every opportunity to show off my Newf love. Today was one of those days. I was interviewed on TV this morning to promote the chemistry magic show that we are doing here tomorrow. Here's a link to the interview:
  18. Jeff in Ottawa

    Newfstock III

    Am I the only one who had missed this until now? ______________________ From NewfStock, hosted by Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue is a huge gathering of Newfs, Newf lovers, and Newf wannabees that will be taking place on September 12 - 14, 2014. ______________________...
  19. Jeff in Ottawa

    Barking at night?!? Why?

    A couple of weeks ago White started barking at night. I don't think he's barking at anyone or anything because the blinds are closed and and he's not by the door windows when I come downstairs. I also don't think he particularly needs to pee because sometimes he doesn't even get up when I come...
  20. Jeff in Ottawa

    Merry Newfmas!

    As you can imagine, White has been getting into the Christmas spirit lately. Here are some fun moments of late. Well, they were fun for us. I'm not sure he thought they were as entertaining. Lighting up the holidays! I swear those two lights were not strategically positioned… :whistling...