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    Please help!

    Please, any advice! Milo was neutered Monday last week and his wound has got slightly infected. He also got a tennis ball-size scrotal haematoma. On Friday, he had scrotal ultrasound and was started on antibiotics (co-amoxiclav). On Monday I insisted they at least attempt to drain the...
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    cost of common health problems/surgeries

    I'm trying to decide on the level of vet insurance cover for Milo and wonder if those of you who had a misfortune of having to deal with a sick dog could advise me, please. I would like to know the cost of: 1. Cruciate ligament repair. 2. Bloat emergency operations. 3. Gastropexy. 4...
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    advice, please

    Meet Milo - a 4.5 yo intact Newf dog who adopted me last Saturday. He instantly took to following me when we met him at his foster home, bounced ahead to my car and sat patiently waiting to get into the car boot. So far, Milo has won our hearts and we all love him as if we had known him for...
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    any one in South East England?

    Any NewfNetters in South East England? Are you interested in getting together with our 4 legged kiddies (and, maybe, 2 legged, too)?
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    I'm based in Oxford, England, and am waiting for my rescue girl Gemma. Gemma is 4 yo and had to be given up by her elderly owners due to their poor health. I'll post a PIC as soon as she comes home. I'm new to Newfs and have already learned tons on this forum. Thanks to all of you for...
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    Looks like Dollyboons did manage to get a dog and breed some puppies; (Kennel name) Newfoundlands posted pics of puppies on their FB page, thanking Becky Davis for those.