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  1. Donna Moll

    Finn's on a book cover

    The book is finally guy is officially a model. Finn did a photoshoot over a year ago for a children's book series for Scholastic. The story is about a huge black and white newfoundland with boundless energy living in a house that's too small. Finn had a blast--it was a day of broiled...
  2. Donna Moll

    Remake of the movie TWINS...

    It's the canine version, starring Huck and Truman. Of course, Truman is taking on the Danny Devito role.
  3. Donna Moll

    A boy and his Norwich (Huck and his pal, Truman)

    In such a short period of time, Huck and Truman are developing the most wonderful friendship. Who knew that a Norwich was a born retriever--or maybe it's because Huck has shown him the ropes. It all started with a white ball... Enjoy! And then there were two...
  4. Donna Moll

    Meet Truman--Huck's new BFF (non-newf)

    We've added to our crazy fur family--meet Truman. He's a young, simply irresistible, ankle-biting Norwich Terrier. Life has certainly gotten more interesting--Truman is my first terrier, and my first small dog. My newfie crew is absolutely charmed by him, especially Huck. I think Huck likes...
  5. Donna Moll

    More of the Huckster

    Snow, sunshine, and a stick= A perfect day!
  6. Donna Moll

    Huckleberry enjoying his birthday present

    I can't believe Huck is now a year old! Here's the little big man enjoying his birthday present--the fun is not really the toy, but in teasing his big brother, Finn. Lucky for Finn, Huck always shares the goods. Two happy campers! Huck waiting patiently for his surprise I think he looks a...
  7. Donna Moll

    Happy Halloween

    Okay, I have too much time for nonsense--crank up your volume, and have a good laugh at my expense. Starring me and the poochies Click on the link or paste in your browser window
  8. Donna Moll

    The Huck-o-Lantern

    Here's the Huckster sporting his new pumpkin hat! I think he looks pretty darn cute. Then, I decided to have some fun with his big sister, Liesl--but judging from the expression on her face, she's not too impressed by my antics. Enjoy!
  9. Donna Moll

    Feeling sentimental

    I was trying to organize some of my photos (literally thousands taken of the dogs)--and ran across a group of images called "First Day". I can't believe how small and innocent an 8-week old puppy is, and how much they change at a far too rapid pace. Still sweet, but not so small, and probably...
  10. Donna Moll

    Stealing pears, new and old friends

    I've been visiting my mom in Upstate NY--me, and all the newfies. It's a bit overwhelming for my mom at times, but they are such a cast of characters you can't help but be charmed by them. Little Huck found an old pear tree in the backyard, and is constantly sneaking down to devour a pear or...
  11. Donna Moll

    Apple picking in the Finger Lakes

    Here's Finn (Huck's big bro) ready to assist in some serious apple picking. We had so much fun filling his cart that we're now up to our eyeballs in apples. Any ideas--we've made applesauce, apple muffins, apple pies, apple fritters... Donna and the boys.
  12. Donna Moll

    Going green

    Huck has a fondness for baby zucchini--yes, at some point he does gobble it down, but not until he's carried it for a few minutes.
  13. Donna Moll

    The Huck-a-Buck at home

    Here's the "real" Huckleberry--full of beans and mischief! At home, his "hair-doo" is more of a "hair-don't." Enjoy!
  14. Donna Moll

    Huckleberry is now 7 months old

    Here's an update in photos of my sweet little Huckleberry--since Canadian Nationals he's grown quite a bit. Huck made his first show debut in Saratoga, NY this past weekend--he was such a hoot! He had no real technique, limited manners, but an abundance of enthusiasm. The show was good training...
  15. Donna Moll


    Hi all--this really is a wonderful site. My name is Donna. I'm from Old Greenwich, CT and share my home with four newfies; Fiona, Liesl (aka Lumpy, which she truly is...a large lump), Finn, and my new little guy, Poet. We also have two cats, Oliver and Smudge.
  16. Donna Moll

    Great day at the beach

    Hi--hopefully, I'm uploading a photo of my pal Finn and his buddy Allie.