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    Goodbye my Buddie

    Excuse any bad spellling, I'm very Kerry right now, but I neeed to do this now or I won't be able to. My budddy "Mmr Smooch" Ricky Ricardo's Cuban Congaboy CGCA TODD passed away tonight shorty after midnight. W are not sure of the cause, VERY heartbroken right now, I am balling my eyes out mow...

    Getting ready to have another living legend!

    Rick will become a living ledenge on the the third of January! Ricky was born in rescue, and I drove to a private rescue about 300 miles away to pick him up. Happ Boofday my silly boy. Now I have two living legends Ricky now, and Mrs Trumbles Oreo Cookie RN, or Oreo who will be 12 in a few...

    Announcing new litter

    I would like to announce Tigger - Blackwatch's Desilu I'm the Only One CGC CGCA RATO TODD had a litter of eight (8) 5 males and 3 females last week. Joan Gunn Breeder. One of the females will be coming home with mom! Her name will be: Topaz - Blackwatch Light in the Night. :beer::groovy:

    I'm Back!

    As the line from "Independence Day" goes; "Im Baaaaccccckkkkkk!". After being missing for a while recovering from a Stroke I suffered in Dec 2013, I have recovered sufficiently enough to feel comfortable re-joining the group. I am currently finishing up my stay at the VA's Blind...

    Sorry i have beed away

    I apologise for being away, and not comminicating. This will be short for now. I have been out foe medical reasons, I had a stroke. So I am basically a Computer-diot right now and am learning a lit all over again. I my inrerner at home is down right now. I still have an internet connection...

    2013 Upper Mid-West Newfoundland Club Annual Tree Pull

    We took Oreo today and went to the Upper Mid-West Newfoundland Training Club's Annual Christmas Tree Pull, at a Tree Farm in Wisconsin. Oreo had a great day. It was very busy with lots of people. All the Newfs were tired at the end of the day, everyone hauled lots of trees. Since Oreo is almost...

    Cool Mail for the AKC month

    November seems to be a good month for mail from AKC, today I got:

    Two New CGC Qualifiers

    Many of you know that I am a CGC Evaluator. Recently I've taken on a partner, a friend of mine who finally qualified as a CGC Evaluator. I've kept busy first with Ethel geting her her WD, CGC, TD, CD, etc. Then with Tigger with her CH, Oreo is now doing Nosework, and Rigky holding down the...

    Tiggers Sioux Falls Photo

    Tiggers Soux Falls Win Photo came today. A proud Daddy can't help but Brag!

    NEW Therapy Dog

    We went to NEWFIEPALOOZA today, and took Oreo to see the Animal Communicator. While there we decided to try Oreo at the TDI Testing, even though she hadn't trained a lick for it. Not surprisingly she passed and is now a New Therapy Dog for TDI. She'll be carrying on in Ethel's memory. Proud of...

    Animal Plaent

    A friend of mine's pupper "Tucker" will be on animal Planet in November:groovy::groovy::groovy: Sent: 10/31/2013 6:22:48 A.M. Central Daylight Time Subj: Animal Planet Animal...

    Tigger at Kankakee

    Saturday Sunday

    New Champion - WhooHoo!!!!

    In Sioux Falls, SD it was a nice sunny day Sunday. Tigger had a nice day also considering she took a 4 Point Major and finished her championship today yippies! CH Blackwatch's Desilu I'm the Only One CGCA TODD! I would like to thank Joan for letting us have her, Richard and Ashley for doing such...

    BOB both days.....FAINT!!!

    We are blown away! Tigger went BOB Saturday and Sunday at Kankakee KC. She went with a friend who was showing her Doberman. We were at the North Central Draft Test, as I was the Test Secretary, and Judy was Stewarding. Bonus weekend for Newfiedom!

    Nice Show Photo

    Not too log ago, Tigger took Best Opposite at Manatowoc KC, in Wisconsin. I thought they did a nice job with the Photos.

    New ACGC The 1st Newfie

    At 0730 this morning Tigger tested for the New AKC CGCA title, and passed! I'm hoping she was the first Newf to earn the Title. It was fun.

    11-22-2005 - 9-15-13 Ethel May Dakota Bear WD RAE CGC TD TODD

    I'm devastated at the moment, I can barely see the screen through my tears. My beloved Heart Girl Ethel passed away on her own terms this afternoon, and I'm lost without my little girl. She was the perfect working girl, who who'll do whatever she was asked to do. She loved the water, which...

    Little Brag

    :allg069:Tigger Went to Manatowoc KC today, taken by a good friend, as we could not go. Wish we could have She took Winners and Best of Opposite today! Getting Close to finishing her now. Finger Crossed.:allg069:

    Lil Brag, Tiggers Show Photos from South Milwaukee

    Just got these today, I thought they came out really well. She's looking really good. Saturday Sunday

    Purina Farms

    I'm considering showing Tigger at a show at Purina Farms Late in the Year, and was wondering if anyone on NN had experience showing there. Asking for a couple of reasons, but the main one is due to a medical condition i'm concerned about the amount of walking I will have to do. Anyone?