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  1. shellyk

    Fluoxetine (Doggy Prozac)

    We started our 4 yr old male rescue McGee on fluoxetine this weekend. He takes three pills per day. The Vet warned it could cause vomiting or lessen his appetite. He needs to lose weight so maybe that's not bad. He's 3 days in and while we wanted it to take the edge off of his anxiety and...
  2. shellyk

    Televised Dog Show

    I missed it...did anyone see it? My daughter texted me that the Newf was pretty, nice big jowls!
  3. shellyk

    Scored Sockeye Salmon

    I belong to a Neighborhood Website (like FB) but mostly just local news and events. A woman was advertising Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon that she got from the fishery where she works. A couple of people wanted a couple of cans...I got 3 cases of 24 cans each. It is beautiful dark orange/red...
  4. shellyk

    Green Beans

    Saw an article about green beans being legumes on a Holistic Newf FB page. It was a long article but basically saying they weren't healthy. I am using them twice daily to try to get our 3 yr old Male to loose some weight. I need to measure him to see his height but I know he weighs 142 and we...
  5. shellyk

    Incurin Shortage

    Our 4 yr old Newf takes Incurin (estrogen) for spay incontinence. We found out today that this medication is back ordered until after the first of the year. The Vet is prescribing an alternate med but the google search that I did this afternoon only brings up several alternatives - DES and...
  6. shellyk

    CBD Oil or Treatibles

    Has anyone heard about or done any research on CBD oil or "Treatibles" CBD treats? CBD is cannabidiol non psychoactive concentrated extract from Hemp or cannabis. Our raw COOP has offered the treats and now the oil. I have read that dogs can be poisoned eating the THC part of cannabis that...
  7. shellyk

    Blood Test Values for Raw Diet Analysis

    Does anyone know which tests or values should be checked in blood work to evaluate your dog's raw diet? Are there any flags or indicators to check?
  8. shellyk

    Won't follow the schedule

    We both work and with 3 dogs and 3 cats there is a schedule/routine for feeding, going outside, and daily exercise. Our male Newf McGee who is 3 years young doesn't want to follow the schedule. :beatdeadhorse: I put the beating a dead horse not as a joke but that is what it actually feels...
  9. shellyk

    Luxating Patella as TPLO complication

    Has anyone's Dog that had TPLO surgery experienced luxating patella as a complication? Gibbs our 7 year old male Lab has had two TPLO surgeries. There didn't seem to be any complications after the first one with that leg. The second surgery recuperation seemed to be going fine too until I...
  10. shellyk

    Lazy, stubborn or what?

    Maybe this should go in Obedience but... Our male Newf McGee, almost 3 years old, that we rescued almost 18 months ago has started to lay down in front of things and won't move. He blocks doors, the bottom freezer portion of the refrigerator, and the gate to the kitchen. He will also lay down...
  11. shellyk

    Switching Pet Insurance (Rant)

    I have just about had it with our Pet insurance. They were bought out after we got it and they promised the same service/quality. They are not living up to their promise. We fill out a claim, get a Vet Declaration and a copy of the receipt. After sending initial medical records the monthly...
  12. shellyk

    Eating Habits Changing

    Our 3 1/2 female Newf Ziva has normally been a picky eater. We bought some new treats and she is the only one of the 3 who will eat them. The other two take them and spit them out. She snarfs them up! I thought bonus for her she gets more treats. Then I started thinking and her eating...
  13. shellyk

    Cetyl M

    Does anyone use Cetyl M? Our Raw Coop is offering it and I have never seen it before...
  14. shellyk

    Does Your Newf Care About Walk Locations?

    During the week my Husband walks our 3 dogs mid-day. He has several locations he takes them to for a leashed walk or if he's pressed for time he just walks around our neighborhood. Now that the days are getting longer I take one or two of the youngest dogs (the Newfs) for a 2nd walk around our...
  15. shellyk

    Cat Problem or Neurotic Newf

    We have 3 dogs and 3 cats. 1/2 half the house is for the 2 cats who are terrified of the dogs. The other 1/2 is for the dogs. There is 1 cat who thinks he is a dog and he moves freely between the two sides. He drinks out of the dogs water dishes, he uses their doggie door, he comes into the...
  16. shellyk

    Hemopet Saliva Test Results

    We got the results for our 2 year old Newf's saliva test from Hemo pet. It's three pages long of stuff he reacted to or didn't. It's very comprehensive. They test for two time periods - stuff he may have been exposed two up to two years ago and stuff from 6 months. Then they take the two...
  17. shellyk

    2016 Newf Calendar

    I found a 2016 Newf Calendar at
  18. shellyk

    Full Pants and Feathers

    We have two Newfs who are family companions not show dogs so I wonder if having long and full pants and feathers is really necessary? Our female is three years young and never got an adult type long coat. She has curly fur that never mats. I love it even though it isn't the typical Newf look...
  19. shellyk

    What do you think? (kind of long)

    We have 3 dogs and 3 cats. One of the cats (Ducky) thinks he's a dog and likes to hang out with the dogs. He sleeps on their beds - with or without them. He drinks out of their water dish, uses their doggie door and comes to the kitchen to be fed with them for meals and treats. The other two...
  20. shellyk

    2 out of 3 Dogs Itching

    Our 2 Newfs are itching but not the Lab...checked for fleas - none. They are on garlic treatment but maybe they picked some up somewhere but no evidence of them. No hotspots seen. No major changes in their diet. All three eat the same thing. We got a new leash and only the two Newfs have...