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  1. Jeannie

    Bad News on Katala

    Art, Sorry to hear this. It is a tough decision to make no matter what the age. 14 years is a good long life. I know you will make the right decision for her. Please keep us posted.
  2. Jeannie

    To neuter or not to neuter.

    Each breeder has their own rules. You need to discuss this with your breeder and be sure you both agree. That being said you should not alter until 18 months. Of course, there are acceptations to every rule.
  3. Jeannie

    Merry cHristmas 2021

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Boxing Day. Happy New Year!
  4. Jeannie

    Sadie Turns 11 Years Old

    It is hard when you are not sure what to do. She will tell you and you need to listen to what she wants. What did Lap of Love say? My prayers are with you during this hard time.
  5. Jeannie

    Katala turned 13

    Thanks for the update, Art. I think of you and Sharon often wondering how you are doing.
  6. Jeannie

    Sadie Turns 11 Years Old

    Awe thank for the update on Sadie. Sorry to hear she has a tumor in her lungs. Enjoy the time you have left with her and take lots of photos. As long as she has good quality of life she if fine. You can get a Help em up harness that will make it much easier for you to get her up and more...
  7. Jeannie


    Would that allow air to get to the wound to allow healing? When my girl had 2 acl and 1 meniscus surgeries ( yes three surgeries) I used the bite not collar. Loved it. Google it. Be sure to make sure it fits tight between the ears and shoulder. You can also make one using a stiff piece of...
  8. Jeannie

    Joint supplements

    I found out about Micolactin after one of my local vets kept giving it to many of my customers. (I use to own a boarding/grooming facility) Some vets are happy to try supplements while others don't. IMO if my vet didn't agree with a natural supplement I'd be looking for another vet. There are...
  9. Jeannie

    Joint supplements

    I only gave the Microlactin. There should be no problem giving it since it is a natural supplement.
  10. Jeannie

    Joint supplements

    I swear by Microlactin. It worked better for my newfs than any other supplement. I was able to take them off all Nsaids. Give it a try to see if it works for your boy!
  11. Jeannie

    Remembering our Sara

    It was 17 years ago yesterday, 3/20/04, we helped our first Newfoundland, Sara, cross the rainbow bridge. It is amazing the empty place in our hearts that still remains after all these years. I remember the day like it was yesterday - a beautiful warm first day of spring day. We got her as a...
  12. Jeannie

    Stroller / Cart / DIY recommendation for 9Y0 Raven w/ hip dysplasia

    I would keep her moving on her own. The old saying: Don't use it you lose it. Have your tried supplements?
  13. Jeannie


    Happy Birthday! 🥳🎂
  14. Jeannie

    6 Week Newfie Help!

    I don't know what state you are in but I know in Ohio it is against the law to sell a puppy younger than 8 weeks. Check with you local animal control. In Ohio if a puppy younger than 8 weeks is sold the breeder can be responsible for needed vet care or any health issues as well as having to...
  15. Jeannie

    Happy Birthday to Splash.

    Happy late BD Splash.
  16. Jeannie

    Retired from Grooming

    I posted this on FB but thought I would put it here also: Back is 1992 I answered an add for a kennel manager/groomer. I got the job and my love for grooming began. This was one of the top Newfoundland Kennels in the country. I started trimming their kennel dogs and within a year I was grooming...
  17. Jeannie

    Can I vent?

    As all you know we own a boarding kennel. We take 7 days off a year. Yes that is 7 days YEAR! We close because we have no employees. Every year I have customers complain because we take vacation. Our vacation starts this Saturday 8/22 and we open back on on the 29th. I've had customers tell...
  18. Jeannie

    OH my- customer story

    I did do a search on here and I can go back and get all my stories. I did find a few places where the dog has broken skin. I advised to see the vet but she just shrugged her shoulders and said he would be OK. My dog would be at the vet getting an antibiotic.
  19. Jeannie

    OH my- customer story

    I groom what I think is a Lhasa terrier mix. Today the owner brought the dog in for grooming covered in blood and mud. She said not to worry the blood is not his. He got in a fight with a possum this morning. If that were my dog I would at least have rinsed the blood off of him. Oh well...
  20. Jeannie

    Laughlin’s time

    Prayers are with you.