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    I see you!

    Ho ho ho, I know you're out there hiding. Just a quick note to wish you all the happiest of holidays and a wonderful new year. Where ever you are in this big old, sometimes dreary world, I hope you're safe and have everything you need and you're able to have your family near. I feel so lucky to...
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    Happiest of Holidays to You!

    It's been nearly twenty years since I joined NN. I spent many hours on here making friends, asking for ideas, sharing your sorrows. NN was such an important part of my life that I had to log on first thing in the morning. So to all whom I have shared my life with and who have shared theirs...
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    Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian buddies.

    Have a warm and blessed weekend from Frank and me.
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    Hi old friends

    Jane and Frank here. I got some "bummer" (pun intended) news at the beginning of the year. Rectal cancer. Did chemo-radiation for 5 weeks, no big deal. Didn't feel sick or lose my hair. Just ruined my sense of taste for a while. Just got home Wed from colorectal surgery. Had to get a...
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    I forgot to brag on my boy. He got his novice trick dog title and his achievement award from AKC. So he's now... CH (Kennel Name) Catch Me If You Can CGC, TKN. Not bad for an old fella. LOL Right click on the place holders below and open in a new tab to see him. Here he is sporting his new...
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    One last post. Happy Birthday Frank

    Ever since Frank came into my life last year, it's been a journey of discovery, and a special privilege to share my life with him. I can truly say we are best friends and inseparable. Yesterday was Frank's 8th Birthday and full of adventure. I had to go to our Newf club's board meeting in the...
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    Frank is now...

    CH Wilbon's Catch Me If You Can CGC He passed his Canine Good Citizen test last night to the delight of the onlookers who were waiting with bated breath while he did the slowest sit I've ever seen. Like an old Victorian lady gathering her voluminous skirts before she delicately alights on the...
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    Fun with Frank

    Frank is learning to swim. Not bad for an old fellow. And this week we start our CGC classes. He's doing well with basic obedience commands. Should be able to pass.
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    Traditional Chinese Medicine diets

    Frank's new vet recommends that he eats a diet in accordance with Yin theory. I'm open to trying this, however, I'm not going to cook for him. Has anyone come up with a kibble that adheres to TCM protocols?
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    Frank is HOME!

    What a sweet boy he is. We drove 7 hours down and 7 back with Frank and he was just perfect. Squeaked his rubber chicken now and again to let us know he was still with us in the car. We cracked up every time. He was so good when we stopped for breaks. Waited nicely until he was invited out of...
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    Frank got tutored.

    Poor guy. :uhoh2: But I promised to buy him lots of those extra large balls, since he misplaced his. :oops: I get to go pick him up next weekend! :allg069::allg069::allg069::allg069::allg069:
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    I couldn't take it...

    ...any longer; I miss having a Newf. I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but I want to prematurely introduce my new boy, Frank!!! He is a breeder re-home and he's magnificent. He's a 7 year old (soon to be neutered) Landseer, has his CH, and I hope to add some more letters behind his name. I...
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    House Guests

    My friend, G, is having her back surgery...HOORAY...and I am getting a much needed doggie "fix" by entertaining two of her pooches while she is recuperating. Meet Addy (Newf) and Brym (mini Aussie).
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    Multiple Dog food recall The drug found in this dog food is the same one used to execute people in Texas and is also used in euthanasia.
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    Stories, please

    I need a fix! I may be dogless now, but still enjoy reading your stories every day, so hope to hear some fun-in-the-snow, or bad doggie tales, or the like.
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    The Final Chapter

    Poor sweet Spirit is gone. Right now, I don't have much to say, other than I was so honored to have him, even if for such a short time. You're free now Moo Cow. No more trouble breathing, no more gimpy joints; you're finally at peace. I'll miss you more than you can imagine.
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    Just when you think...

    your dog can't surprise you anymore... In my lifetime of dog ownership, I've never witnessed such an overwhelming, instant display of compassion as I did yesterday. A little background: My friend G came over to spend the day. She has been having some severe medical issues with her back and is...
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    Scary and exhausting day

    Had Spirit to the emergency vet today. Thought I was going to have to have him put down. He was neutered when he was 6 (now 11.5) so had a very noticeable scrotal sac. But it was always just a big flap of skin. So you can imagine when, last night, I noticed that his scrotum was swollen that I...
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    Fritz isn't the only one who is lonely...

    Helllloooo! (echo, echo, echo). Missing you guys. Are there no new horror stories, celebrations, brags or otherwise? I feel like you all went on vacation and I'm not getting my daily NN fix. Jeanne, no idiotic customers lately? No funny puppy antics to relate, anyone? Surely something...
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    To Spirit, the N.O.U.S

    It seems like yesterday that you literally charged out of that van and into my life. And today we are celebrating both that Gotcha Day three years ago and your 11.5 Birthday. Spirit, you are the kindest, most loving dog I've ever known in spite of all the heartbreak and hardships you've had to...