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  1. Alicia

    Stroller / Cart / DIY recommendation for 9Y0 Raven w/ hip dysplasia

    Hi Folks. Our 9Y0 103lb newfie, Raven, has severe hip dysplasia and is very limited on her ability to take walks (1/4 mi at best). I was thinking of getting an XL pet stroller or even possibly modifying a yard cart, although I'm not sure I want to pull a cart vs pushing a stroller. Have any...
  2. Alicia

    Cool Newf Pic

    Got this from a link on FB that kept showing up and I knew I had to get it. It looks so much like Rocky! I love it!!
  3. Alicia

    Merry Christmas!

    Just stopping by to share a pic of the dogs. Raven is loving having a new puppy around. We didn't realise just how depressed she was after losing Rocky in May. They were so very close so I guess it makes sense. We miss Rocky so much but Rio is bringing us so much joy and keeping us so busy! She...
  4. Alicia

    Raven is a big sister :)

    We have a new member in our household. Meet Rio. She is a 9 week old Clumber Spaniel. Our house has been so sad since losing Rocky in May. I have liked Clumbers for a while and figured it was time to downsize our breed. They have a lot of similiar traits as Newfs. Raven is being so sweet with...
  5. Alicia

    Rocky 1/07-5/17

    Some of you may recall that Rocky was diagnosed with lymphoma last July and was treated with chemo and went into complete remission. :) Unfortunately, about a month ago the cancer reared it's ugly head and we decided to treat with steroids only after careful consideration with quality of life...
  6. Alicia

    Rocky is 10!

    Such a happy day here! Didn't think we would be fortunate to celebrate double digits with this goofball. So thankful! Rocky is doing amazingly well and we are just thrilled. Pizza is his favorite and he was thrilled to get a couple of slices. Raven and Buffy (my Mom's Dog) were here to partake...
  7. Alicia

    Rocky is done with chemo!!!!

    Well, it has been a longish 6 months but he is done with chemo! He has done so very well and we are over the moon with every day we have with him. He is so very loved and is such a special dog to us. He is really doing so well! The staff absolutely love him and are very pleased with his...
  8. Alicia

    Raven turns 5

    Raven is such a sweet girl. :) She has been so good for Rocky and has been by his side accompanying him to his treatments which makes him so much more at ease. Waiting patiently for her okay to dig in. Raven loves, loves her food!!! Yum, Yum and don't worry Rocky got plenty. Happy Birthday...
  9. Alicia

    Pics of R&R today

    We try to get Rocky out to a stream or lake at least once a week. Each week he has more energy so we have now begun a twice a week hike. (short) He loves it and it is so good for his mind. I still love that dogs don't know that they are sick and live in the moment. The little white dog is my...
  10. Alicia

    Complete Remission for Rocky :)

    So just an update from today from the oncologist that I had to share!!! So happy to get the news that Rocky is in complete remission and she also said she couldn't have asked for a better response to chemo for him. :) So very grateful! He is pretty much back to his old self with an occasional...
  11. Alicia

    Week from hell with Rocky

    So exhausted from all of the ups and downs of the last week. Last Sunday while I was away my husband noticed Rock was peeing blood and stress breathing. Into the vet they went where they discovered abnormal kidney function and planned to do IV fluid challenge next morning. While lifting onto...
  12. Alicia

    R & R at Biltmore House Hope you all are well. :) XOXO Rocky & Raven
  13. Alicia

    Annual 4th of July pic

    Happy 4th from R&R Both dogs are doing well and will be living in NC soon. We are looking forward to this next chapter in our lives. The area is very dog friendly and has so many trails to explore with streams and waterfalls all around too. The area gets snow sometimes too so R&R will still get...
  14. Alicia

    Todays pic

    Happy St. Patrick's Day from R&R :)
  15. Alicia

    R&R holiday picture 2014

    Happy Holidays to all! R&R send their love.
  16. Alicia

    Rocky needs some positive thoughts .

    Rocky is having surgery tomorrow to have two suspicious lumps removed and we are of course nervous for him. It is the right thing to do after looking at all the info we have been provided with and all the testing done on him. One is on his chest and the other along his spine. He is the sweetest...
  17. Alicia

    R & R annual 4th pics

    Another good year at our house with the Newfs. Rocky did give us a scare recently with a painful neck injury but thankfully has recovered. These two are such good friends and make so many people happy!! We love them to pieces. Hope everyone is well. :) 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012...
  18. Alicia


    Preparing for the annual pic. Not sure yet.
  19. Alicia

    Blast from the past.

    I was looking for an old picture for a project I am working on and came across a thread I posted years ago. It is one of my favorites and thought I would share again for all the new people. I scrolled through all of the responses and enjoyed seeing posts from some folks that don't post anymore...
  20. Alicia

    R&R at Saratoga Chowder Festival

    Every year we attend the local Chowder Festival with the dogs. Basically, many local restaurants compete for the best tasting chowder. You purchase a small cup for a $1 and then vote. I think over 80 different chowders were featured including some dog chowders. :) R&R were surrounded by swarms...