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    Jake 3/1/11 to 12/30/18

    Our beautiful goofy loving sweet boy died in such a horrific way. He died at 12:30 am of bloat. Never in a million years did I think he would leave us so soon and because of bloat. We took him to the emergency vet but by the time we got there he was almost gone. 5 minutes later he was. I won’t...
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    No idea

    My lulu belle can’t close her mouth or chew. Went to the vet and they have no idea what is wrong with her. She can’t chew or close her mouth. I have to make her food mush so she can lick it. If she can’t eat they will have to do a feeding tube. She is 4 and is healthy. Any ideas?
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    Throwing up

    Hi all...Jake who is now 6 threw up 2 weeks ago large amount of liquid. It covered his bed, went through to the floor and all over the floor. Only one time. Today, he would not eat breakfast and when I went to let him out to pee, he had thrown up all over the basement. He soaked through 2...
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    My LuLu Belle hurt herself yesterday...not sure what she did...hubby said she was running up the stairs and tripped and hurt her leg. He seems to think it will be fine just a bruised leg...but I am concerned about it. She is 3 and I have been so careful with her and steps and too rough...
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    Smelling pretty

    To all you groomers out there...what is it that you spray on the dogs after grooming that makes them smell so good?
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    11 years old & spay

    Our Hershey girl is now 11 years old and recently finished her heat cycle. She ended up with a UTI and the vet put her on antibiotics of 1500 mgs twice a day. She also wants to do an immediate spay on her. To remind you all we adopted her after her breeder could no longer breed her at the age...
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    Feeling Guilty

    :icon_redface: It is in the triple digits here in has been for quite awhile babies are sequestered in the basement all by themselves with a floor fan blowing on them. I feel so guilty as they aren't getting much if any attention now since it is so hot they don't go outside...
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    Newfs & Cats

    Good afternoon everyone: I know I might be crazy...well forget that thought, my husband says I am...LOL. I know several of you have a mixed family with newfs and cats. I am thinking of getting a Norwegian Forest Cat and am wondering how you all handle the cats with the dogs. Have any of you...
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    How often do you all bath your newfs? It is super expensive here for me to take to the groomer all the time but I would like to know if I am to bath them every month.
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    Our little LuLu Belle has started her second heat cycle...the first one was pretty uneventful when she was 11 months she is 18 months and she is bleeding pretty heavy...I have tried to put on diapers but she just rips them off...have any of you tried and been successful with these...
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    How old to transport to Europe?

    Hershey girls parents are thinking of relocating back to Germany from Wyoming. Hershey will be 10 in January...I don't think it is safe for her to be crated and fly...what do you all think? I will definitely take her back if they decide to go without her...just hoping they don't go...she is...
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    Took LULU Belle to the vet today for followup on bee sting....while taking normal vitals the vet noted her heart rate of only 45 bpm...and a slight arrhythmia...after many tears on my part and xray later it is suspected case of dilated cardiomyopathy. He is NOT an expert cardiologist so is...
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    Saturday night at bedtime, my husband took LuLu Belle out to potty...she peed and pooped and bolted through the door up the stairs and jumped into a chair...he of course promptly followed and yelled at her to get down...when she did, I noticed her eyes were both completely swollen shut and her...
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    Raw eggs

    Is it safe to give LuLu Belle a raw egg with her dry food?
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    Deramaxx Question

    For those of you who have had experience with your dogs on Deramaxx...did any of you have any problems? Jake has been on it for a week now, and for the last 2 days he has vomited. The first day, it was immediately after eating breakfast. Yesterday, it was immediately after breakfast and then...
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    I am taking Jake to the vet this afternoon. He has as you all know had issues with his back leg...he would limp every so often and would whine in pain...the vet didn't see anything wrong with his leg and gave us pain killers to give him when he needed them. Well fast forward...for about 2...
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    1st Birthday!

    Bydand's Belle of the Ball, LuLu Belle is 1 year old today...she has turned into such a loving little sweet!
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    Can I give her away????

    Not really but sure wanted to today! I had my area rug professionally cleaned, the hardwood floors washed and I thought, being Valentines week I would treat myself to a nice house that brought some nice spring color into the house...well, I let my LuLu Belle roam the...
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    She's a woman now!

    My little girl has become a woman! LuLu Belle is starting her first heat...I have NO clue as to what to expect...can someone give advice? She just started spotting this am...but she is acting crazy, more than normal...she wants to go outside every I need to put a diaper on or will...
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    Not politically correct

    Not sure how to put this but who out there prefers to be with their dogs than their family? I have 4 sons, 3 married...too much much easier with the dogs...