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    We said goodbye to Faith

    7/8/06-8/29/19 We sent our beautiful girl Faith to Rainbow Bridge last night. She was one of a kind for sure! She was a toughie but sweet as well. In her heyday she absolutely loved to show. She had a bond with her handler that was amazing to see and she loved getting out there strutting...
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    Happy 13th Birthday Faith!!

    Our sweet old girl made it to 13. She's doing ok. Needs help up and down the stairs, sleeps a lot but eats each meal with gusto!! Her back end is getting wonky and she's currently on Tramadol. Vet mentioned if the Tramadol stops working, she would prescribe Gabapentin, if I'd like. For those of...
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    Since NN will be closed before Faith's next Birthday, I'll post a little update on her. She will be 13 on July 8th. She's doing well for the most part. She can no longer make it up the back porch steps by herself so when she's ready to come back into the house, she lets out a loud, "ARR ARR" She...
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    Happy 12th Birthday Faith!!

    Where on earth has the time gone? She's doing pretty good although needs help up the back porch steps. Because of that, for the first time ever, she has been shaved down. Now she looks like a perpetual puppy...LOL. Here's hoping we have many more years with this sassy girl!
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    Beautiful Maia...2/14/06-6/11/18

    We set our special girl free today. It was time, no doubt. We are so thankful to have had a few extra weeks with her. Just last Wed she climbed up on the couch with me for some snuggle time. Been a while since she had done that Even though we knew it was time to send her along, our hearts are...
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    Need food ideas, please

    12 year old Maia hasn't been doing well lately. First she lost her rear about a month ago but thankfully Tramadol has brought her back on her feet. Now she's not eating well at all and is dropping weight rather quickly. I made lots of fat balls for her and she ate them for a good week or so but...
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    Happy 12th Birthday Maia!!!

    Can't believe my special girl is 12 today. Time has flown by so quickly. Thankfully she's doing well. Happy and goofy as ever and races to her crate morning and night for her meal:dance01: Still loves to snuggle on the couch with me at night and muzzle bump my chin from time to time. ahhh I love...
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    CBD Oil?

    Do an of you use this product for yourself or your dogs? Seems it's all the rage these days and so many people swear by it. We have a place not too far from me that makes this and I first heard about it at my local gas station..of all places..LOL. They are huge advocates and sell it right there...
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    It is with such a heavy heart that I come to you with the news that Stormie is gone. I came home from work tonight and Stormie was lying in the dining room, gone. She must have died earlier in the afternoon. I feel absolutely horrible that she died alone:cry: And horrible that we will no longer...
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    One of our own needs prayers and good thoughts

    I so hope she won't mind me posting this but she is such a dear sweet woman and she and her boyfriend need all the prayers and good thoughts we can muster. Anne Atherley's (Angus McDubhs Mom) boyfriend was on vacation when he was struck down by seizure while he was on vacation in Sydney, NS...
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    Stormie update

    Just wanted to give you all a little update on Norma....our affectionate name for her. She's doing pretty good! Instead of basement dwelling Stormie, we now have under the back porch dwelling Stormie. She took it pretty well that she no longer has access to the basement. She's getting around...
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    Happy 11th Birthday Faith!!

    Faith is still going strong and spirited as ever:angel: She's the youngest of our older gals but has the most grey. Here's hoping we have many more years with this oh so sassy gal!!
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    Happy 12th Birthday Stormie!!

    So happy she's still here so we can celebrate this special day with her! She is such a sweetie and so layed back. Happy Birthday my love. Here's hoping we have much more time with you
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    Stormie is failing....

    She has been stumbling a bit the last couple weeks but she still managed to go downstairs during the day, go up again and down again at bedtime and made it up ok. Sure she was slower than normal but she still made it up. Last night I went to bed and Stormie did the usual. This morning I got up...
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    Daria........Hearts Galore

    :heart::heart: I shared with you all last year that several weeks after Daria passed we washed her blanket that was in the car and after we washed it, out popped a perfect felted heart. We've been seeing hearts every now and then since then. However, lately there has been a big uptick in heart...
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    Happy 11th Birthday Maia!!

    So hard to believe Ms. Mai's is 11 years old already!! She's doing pretty well these days. Like a lot of older dogs, she does love to snooze during the day. Some nights she likes to cash it in early. Last week at was at 9:15:tongue: She'd grab one of her babies and start prancing around with it...
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    One of these things is not like the others.......

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    A little laughter for today

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    Happy Newf Year!!

    Murray would like to wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!!:icon_cool: Murray is a 6 month old Aeva puppy who lives with a wonderful family in NY
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    Leilah and Fenn

    This is Leilah with her 3 month old Grand Daughter Fenn. Fenn is out of Callie who is Leilah's daughter. I cherish seeing what is passed on from generation to generation. From the looks of it, Fenn has the same naughty gleam in her eye that her Grandma still has. Her owners better hang onto...