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  1. newfam

    It's Not all Bad News

    I figured I would start a new thread to catch folks up on our move. So we have just under a month before we leave Germany and head to TX. So much has happened in such a short time. We've had to adjust the amount needed to fly T & T to the U.S. So many have helped and we are so grateful. If...
  2. newfam

    Tsunami and Typhoon have not fallen off the Planet

    Oh my goodness. Michelle and I and the kids have been so out of touch. It is so amazing how "Life" gets in the way of things. We want to apologize to our fellow Newf netters for not keeping you all updated with Tsunami and Typhoon. We are neck deep in the Military moving process. Only 2...
  3. newfam

    Looks like we have joined the ranks.....

    Tsunami has a hot spot from h*ll. I am looking at ordering some of the "big guns" some of you have talked. Is this what I need????
  4. newfam

    I'm HOME

    Hey fellow newf.netters. Just thought I would let you all know that I arrived back home last night. No more returning...home to stay. It was a relatively easy deployment with no major issues. I am thankful to God for my safety and those that served with me. I'm thankful to God that my...
  5. newfam

    Tsunami & Typhoon Christmas 2010

    What a perfect day to play in the snow. The sun was slightly peaking through the clods. A little chilly, but oh so warm inside just getting to see the bears plowing through the snow after not seeing them for months. All alone in the back yard. I'll keep a lookout keep...
  6. newfam

    One Miracle Delivered!

    NN....You guys are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for your prayers. I made it home safe and sound. Snow blowing everywhere. It is so hard to really type down what I'm feeling. But in a nutshell...Heaven has opened up and shined down. It was so good to see Michelle and the kids after being...
  7. newfam


    The two T's got to open their gifts this morning. I thought waiting until it was light outside would help with the pictures (not so much) Typhoon loves his duck...I think he thinks he caught one from the lake he has been eyeing for weeks. He just can't understand why the momma won't let him...
  8. newfam

    Talk to you all later

    NN friends, tomorrow is the day. I won't be around for about 6 months due to my deployment. Please keep my family and Tsunami and Typhoon in your prayers for the next few months. I'll keep you and your puppers in my thoughts. Pictures of Tsunami and Typhoon will have to keep me sane for the...
  9. newfam

    Who knew.....

    that the pull of a newfie that needs a new home would pull so hard? This house does NOT need another dog, but ooooohhhhhh there is a doggie that's parents are old and not doing well and now needs a forever home. WE can't ship three newfies back to the states (can we????) Besides my wife would...
  10. newfam

    It's Official

    Well I know atleast one person on NN knows, because I shared with her in a FB chat. But I thought I would share with everyone. I'm off for my 3rd deployment. I should leave sometime in Sept. Please keep my family in your prayers...and of course the 2 T's. I'm not too sure how they will do...
  11. newfam

    Tsunami and Typhoon send smiles

    Took some new pics today and had some fun playing around with them. Enjoy... Original #1 Above. Original #2 above. Did alright with this one, but the one below is my absolute FAVORITE!! Original # 3 Original # 4 And Original #5 Love messing around with...
  12. newfam

    I'll show you DAD!

    Okay, so Germany has officially joined the U.S. and there is a heatwave moving through. Tsunami and Typhoon are not happy. We've got fans blowing and a little tiny a/c unit trying to cool off one room in this house. It's not working. We've been spending the past couple of weeks searching the...
  13. newfam

    Tsunami and Typhoon World Cup 2010

    A group on Facebook...Newfoundland Dog photography contest group....had a theme this week for Newfs supporting the World Cup teams. I did a photo shoot of the boys and put this video together afterwords. Soooooo much fun! Hope you all enjoy.
  14. newfam

    Started Something New

    Hey all, I got this crazy bug up my sleeve the other day and decided to finally set up a You-Tube account. A couple of you have subscribed to it...muchos gracious. Anyway, if you get bored or need a newfie fix, let your fingers do the walking to Tsunami and Typhoon's World. I've started to...
  15. newfam

    Tsunami turns 2

    Happy Birthday you big ol' crazy Newf! Our 1st introduction to Newfdom turned 2 years old today. He has completely Newfwashed us into anything he wants. He is such a joy to be around and such a love when times are tuff. Me and Typhoon just chillin by the lake. But the kids are over...
  16. newfam

    Newfs in Heaven

    Took the boys out for a spring jaunt...ended up having a blast. DUH! As if two Newfs, sunshine, cool breezes, open fields, and water aren't a blast. Anyway, hope you all enjoy some beautiful German weather and views. My new desktop...gotta love Newf expressions. Wide angle...
  17. newfam

    T @ T enjoying the sun

    Spring is definitely in the air here in this part of the world. The trees are still bare but the sun is out longer and the temps have settled in the mid 50-60s. Found a great open area inside the forest located next to our house and decided to take the boys exploring. It started off with a...
  18. newfam

    Sunshine, Cool Breezes, and Newfs, what could be better?

    :cry: And all the snow is gone...:grrr:! But all is not lost...:D. Typhoon and Tsunami decided to explore the fresh leaves and fallen trees without the smell of snow. Well hello there... My best wink for all you NN's Hey, this smells like that tree that was in our house during...
  19. newfam

    Newfie in Space

    My friend sent my this link to a tee shirt place that we shop at....... Looks like a Newfie to me.......kinda like Tsunami actually.
  20. newfam

    10 Minute walk with Tsunami and Typhoon...can you keep up?

    Took me a while to figure the whole video thing out...but here is my first shot at one. I'll warn you that it is long, but you don't have to watch the whole thing. Just wanted to share some Newfie HEAVEN!