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    Beige or gray???

    So ive seen what i would think was beige advertised as gray and the other way to, so how do you know what is beige or gray......some look so silver like the picture i will attach, Yes i know neither color is up to breed standards...ect ect.....just like brown use to please no...
  2. J

    Gray and landseers genetics

    So in no way am I very knowledgeable on Newfie genetics but was hoping someone could explain how grey and landseers pups happen, I know that a black newf is BB while a brown one would need to be a bb as its recessive to black but how do you get gray and landseers? Would the parents for a grey...
  3. J

    Finding the right Dry food

    OK so I've read quite a bit on here and just wanted to double check some things. Because I will own a newfie one day :) and I want to do the best i can for it. I also know to not just switch the pup but make a gradual change. Newfie pups shouldn't go on puppy food ever????if that's not right...
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    Picking out a puppy (physical traits to look for)

    OK assuming after finding breeders, who are good breeders and do the proper tests and all of the things along that line, how do you know what pup to pick. As in what should a good newfoundland pup look like. There are a lot of different looks to the newfoundland puppies the more I research so...
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    Future Newfie owner

    Hey just a little back story I've fell in love with newfies when I was 10 and have wanted one since. Now that I'm married and settled down and building my family I would like to add newfies to my life as well and I'm in the position where I have space for a Newfie I'm starting to look for one, I...