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  1. Angela

    Merry cHristmas 2021

    Merry Christmas from me and Mowgli and Splash.
  2. Angela

    Happy Birthday to Splash.

    Today he is 4 years old, Happy Birthday.
  3. Angela

    West coast update.

    So while we have all been missing things have been quiet over here. Covid 19 came along and wrecked some plans but the dogs were happy to get 24:hour undivided attention. Mowgli celebrated his 8th birthday in June and is doing well, Splash is fine also and now it is getting hot here...
  4. Angela


  5. Angela

    Happy Newf Year

    Happy 2020 to all.
  6. Angela

    Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

    Hope you all have a great time with family and Newfs and that the weather doesn't deter all the celebrations down there.:icon_knuddel:
  7. Angela

    The National

    Whilst we are still here I want to tell everyone that I was at the National in FRankenmuth MIchigan for a week and met many people who long ago were on Newfnet. It was fun to meet them again. My journey by road from Victoria BC took 6 days to get there and now I am in Montana on the way home...
  8. Angela

    Happy St. Patricks Day

  9. Angela

    Snow Days

    Splash lives to have his photo taken. We have had a week of snow, most ever recorded here in February.
  10. Angela

    Poor Hummingbirds

    It's been snowing for several days now, and the hummingbirds stay here all year round so we have to keep rotating feeders so they don't freeze. Not a perfect photo but I took it through the window.
  11. Angela

    Drinking bowls

    The tires caught rainwater and so now they think they are special drinking bowls lol.
  12. Angela

    Ho Ho Ho

    Merry Christmas to everyone!
  13. Angela

    Merry Christmas from Splash

  14. Angela

    Good Morning

  15. Angela

    Happy and safe Halloween.

  16. Angela


    Happy Birthday. :new_smilie_colors1: :new_smilie_colors1: May you have many slobbery kisses from your Newfs!
  17. Angela

    Sort of Newf related.

    For the first time since the end of April we are having proper rain, not just a drop or 2. Everywhere on the west coast is parched, over the summer there were over 500 forest fires in B.C. So, to make this Newf related, Mowglie and Splash will get wet when they go out:shocker:
  18. Angela

    Happy Birthday GAD

    :new_smilie_colors1::new_popcornsmiley: Hope you have a great day!
  19. Angela

    Splash is 2 years old.

    Mo on the left, Splash on the right.
  20. Angela


    It's hot here and although there is more than one fan they like to share:roflmao: