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  1. kodydixie

    Hi Everybody

    I have not been on Newf Net since 9-17-11, that year I lost my Kody and 27 days later my sweet Dixie. We are doing fine, we have adopted/rescued a 1 yr old Austrailian Cattle Dog. Talk about a big difference, I still love Newfies. In fact I was recently informed of a 1 1/2 yr old male and I...
  2. kodydixie


    Dixie had a stroke this morning and we had to put her down. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow that Kody left us, now they are together. She missed him so much. She died of a broken heart.
  3. kodydixie

    Happy Birthday Dixie!

    Dixie is 9 today! The only survivor of her litter of 4, and even with her SAS and grade 4 heart murmur she is doing well. Missing her brother, Kody (RIP), who left us July 30th.
  4. kodydixie

    Goodbye Kody

    We had Kody put down on July 30th. He was 10 on June 4th, and his back legs just didn't work anymore. He was on pain meds but even that wasn't helping. Dixie misses him so I have been taking her to work with me. We are trying to adjust to only having one dog. Today is Dixie's 9th Bday, I hope...
  5. kodydixie

    Kody is 10 today!!!

    He made it! He is doing much better, ear infection totally cleared up and the Deramaxx is working wonders with his arthritis. Got a bath last Monday and trimmed this week. He is looking good. And most important - his beautiful personality is back!
  6. kodydixie

    anyone heard from alexmaddy?

    I was searching ffor posts from MJ, my Kody is a litter mate of her Madison. Since I was not on newf net for a couple of years I lost touch with her, and I have read from her posts from Feb. 2009 two of her dogs had cancer in their legs at that time. I couldn't find any posts after that date...
  7. kodydixie

    great food for sensitive dogs

    I have switched mine to Blue Diamond limited ingredient Salmon & potatoe with great success. Dixie's skin allergies have greatly improved. No wheat, corn, egg or dairy.
  8. kodydixie

    I am back

    I looked and I have not been on since 9-19-2009! Kody is almost 10 (6/4/01) and Dixie will be 9 in August. Kody may not be with us much longer. Just wanted to check in with Newf net. Might need everyone's support soon! Peggy
  9. kodydixie

    Hi everyone I'm back

    I am back on Newf Net after almost 4 months of knee rehab. The knee replacement went well, physical therapy was really a PAIN! Went back to work half time for awhile and now I am working my usual 3 days a week. Kody & Dixie are good, major house remodeling going on here so they are confused...
  10. kodydixie

    knee surgery update

    well it's 10 days since I got my new knee and things are going pretty well. PT is tough and when they bend my knee past 90 degrees I could go thru the roof! That's after I've taken two heavy duty pain pills too. Have to keep it up so I have full range of motion and can ride a bike again. Dogs...
  11. kodydixie

    Knee surgery Thursday (Human)

    I will be getting a new knee this Thursday, stay in the hospital until Sunday, and since my computer is upstairs I may not be able to be on here for a long time. That should leave me lots of time for rehab.
  12. kodydixie

    blond joke

    A man hired his blond neighbor to paint his porch, He asked her how much she would charge and she said $50. He told her all of the supplies where in the garage and he would pay her when she finished. He went inside and told his wife and she said, " are you sure she knows the porch goes all the...
  13. kodydixie

    strange situation

    Yesterday on our walk we met some people, stopped for pets, etc. Then when we walked past the Library a guy had a bag of Puproni (I think) and he wanted to give some to my dogs. He was standing on the sidewalk waiting for us, just kind of strange. I said no thanks, they have allergies (true). We...
  14. kodydixie

    sending my baby girl off to college

    Well, tomorrow will be one of the happiest and saddest days of my life. My darling daughter will move to Lakeland College, near Sheboygan, Wi. About 1 1/4 hours away. We are so very proud of her. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and received a full tuition Scholarship from Lakeland, which is a...
  15. kodydixie

    Dixie is 6 yrs. old today

    Buddybear's Whistlin' Dixie is 6 years old today. She is the only remaining one of her litter of 4, two males and two females. One boy died shortly after birth, her brother, Hairy, had to be put down at 2 1/2, and her sister, Ebony, was hit by a car along with one of her puppies when a fence was...
  16. kodydixie

    Kody's ear surgery

    Kody will have his surgery tomorrow. Hopefully we can turn things around from here.
  17. kodydixie

    Kody's ear surgery

    Sometime in the next two weeks Kody will have surgery to remove a polyp behind his ear drum. The ear drum ruptured due to an infection caused by the polyp. My vet has to borrow a polyp lasso to cut the growth out of his ear. Meantime we are treating it with cephalexin, ear drops and Prednisone.
  18. kodydixie

    Happy Birthday Kody

    KODY IS 7 TODAY. But he did not have a great birthday so far. We went for a nice walk this morning, then after breakfast to the vet for a ear recheck. His ear drum is ruptured and they think he has a polyp behind it. That may be what is causing the persistent ear infections. so now we have...
  19. kodydixie

    Grill safety reminder

    It's grill season again and I wanted to remind everyone of the danger of the GRILL BRUSH! Speaking from experience keep it up and away from your dogs! They love to eat the metal bristles and this is NOT good. Have a safe and happy summer.
  20. kodydixie

    Newf Net Birthday Wishes

    I was quite surprised! I received a email from Newf Net saying Happy Birthday yesterday. Thanks! I turned the BIG 50 yesterday (Sunday) My husband surprised me with a lovely party with about 40 or 50 of our friends and relatives.