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  1. blphome

    Newf Sized Pet Loader

    I have a set of new, never used XL five step pet loader stairs. Never used. Retail price on line is $250.00. Selling for $190 + shipping cost. Please PM me for details. Barry
  2. blphome

    Token of My Affection

    I write you with great sadness to tell you that Token of My Affection passed on Thursday August 30. In May, Token was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma on one of her hips. We were lucky to have four months of quality time during which Token fought the evil disease with the help of an advanced...
  3. blphome

    Ocean City?

    With our last human child off to college, we've got a bit more freedom. Am wondering if anyone's planning the Ocean City get together in late October. We've never been able to attend in the past since we had kids at home but we'really free and hope to attend this year. Thanks for any...
  4. blphome

    Emily Dickinson and her Newf

    I recieved a note from my brother about the sidekicks of some notable people including Emily Dickinson. Her newf, Carlo, is cited as a significant companion. Dickinson is mentioned toward the end of the article in the link that follows...
  5. blphome

    half raw?

    Wondering if anyone feeds a raw meal once per day and kibble once per day? Understand that kibble and raw don't mix at a single meal b/c of differing digestive requirements but read that some have success with one of each per day . Thanks in advance for any constructive feedback. Barry
  6. blphome

    Wilmington, DE

    My sister emailed me the link below when someone asked her if she wanted to adopt another dog...she has two smaller dogs one of whom is a terror and the other is older. She's unlikely to adopt though she's got a very big heart...
  7. blphome

    NN Secret Santa Photos

    Here are our photos from the Secret Santa Package before opening Lewis helps open the package... Token joins in.... Lewis likes this package... Everyone in one photo Ross, just home from college, plays tug with Lewis. Lewis pinned him when he came in the door today and gave him a...
  8. blphome

    NN Secret Santa Photos (photo heavy)

    Here are our photos from the Secret Santa Package before opening Lewis helps open the package... Token joins in.... Lewis likes this package... Everyone in one photo Ross, just home from college, plays tug...
  9. blphome

    Which Shampoo(s)?

    Am getting ready to place a shampoo order and see that a lot of people use Mane & Tail, Earthbath, and Tropiclean products. Amazon stocks a multitude of each company’s products which are eligible for free shipping with a Prime account. Which ones do people use? For whatever it's worth, Lewis...
  10. blphome

    Trout Fishing with Lewis & Token (photo heavy)

    Sunday last week was 25 degrees, sunny and March 2nd which means early trout season in our area. Lewis and Token went fishing with me. Am sure some of the trout thought they were being invaded by clumsy bears when the dogs swam through the deep pools, waded through the riffles and otherwise...
  11. blphome

    Madison Winter Festival

    We took Lewis and Token to the Madison Winter Festival where there is hockey, a short tubing course, X-country ski racing and snow and ice sculpting. Needless to say the Newfs were a huge hit and took all the attention in the wonderfully laid back Newfy manner. Was able to get a photo of...
  12. blphome

    Lewis and Token's Secret Santa (photo heavy)

    Here are some photo of festivities in our house...Thanks to Sadie, Andre and Sarah Pre-Opening Sloth Doesn't Lewis look good with a piece of wrapping paper hanging from his face? In the throes of opening [/IMG] AND THE MOST DELICIOUS COOKIES EVER!!!! [/IMG] Lewis....this is where I...
  13. blphome

    What the tremor turned out to be...

    About a month ago I posted about Lewis having an intermittent tremor and occasional limp. After a while the limp became pronounced so we went to the vet. Unfortunately our regular vet was out hunting and the backup vet said it was Lewis hips. A couple of days later the limp got really bad so...
  14. blphome

    Does this tub make my butt look big?

    It's all amusing until Lewis tries to leave tub and locks himself in the kids bathroom and his butt is always a little wet in after some quality tub time.
  15. blphome

    Intermittent Tremor and Limp

    Lewis has an intermittent tremor and occasionally limps, favoring his left rear leg. No apparent cause; happens after a walk, sometimes after a nap and as quickly as it comes on it goes away. At his annual check up the vet, poked and prodded looking for a tender spot and found nothing. I've...
  16. blphome

    Dead Switch on K9II

    I went to blow out Lewis and Token last weekend and discovered the rearmost switch (closest to filter) wasn't working so am down to a single speed. Has anyone had a similar problem and if so, what was the solution? Have sent an email to Electric Cleaner , the manufacturer. Thanks in advance...
  17. blphome

    Intermittent Limping

    Lewis developed an intermittent limp in his right front leg that only presents after he's been still for a while. Once he's up and moving the limp isn't visible. My son first noticed a couple of days ago when Lewis came in from our backyard. No one was rough housing with him or otherwise noticed...
  18. blphome

    Somebody made a mess... (long)

    So we're running into an issue that has me stumped. Some of you may recall we added a five year old girl named Token three weeks ago. No dog v. dog issues but Token has now peed in front of us twice, once the first night home. Thought that was stress, new surroundings, etc. Over this past...
  19. blphome

    Token (aka Sweet T) & Lewis (photo heavy)

    two weeks down Token is adjusting well and looks great! Token and Lewis play tug for the 1st time! They went to the smaller dog park.... Lewis tried some low speed drafting behind Token.... Then home for sleep....
  20. blphome

    Here..she is Token of My Affection. Our second Newf

    To everyone who encouraged us to get a second newf, here she is! Token of My Affection or MS. T or Sweet T... She seems to be adjusting well...Lewis played bowed and barked a couple of times. I suspect they'll get to play. She's adjusting well...laying around and being sweet and mellow...