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  1. ward_hill

    further complications

    As last reported, Buckley was fine after having his incision (from neutering, which he licked open) reclosed on Saturday. On Sunday, he was fairly lethargic, being off his regular eating schedule, and a bit stressed from wearing the hard cone. So, I pretty much left him alone and didn't really...
  2. ward_hill

    minor complication after neutering

    Well, for a variety of reasons, after three years we decided not to do conformation shows with Buckley and decided that neutering was appropriate at this time (3-1/4 y/o). The surgery was this past Tuesday and I'd scheduled it to be performed by the senior member of the vet practice (graduated...
  3. ward_hill

    Melbourne, FL

    If anyone here on NN lives in Melbourne, I'd be very grateful for some inside info about the area. Please PM so I can explain further.
  4. ward_hill

    surgery for entropion

    Hi All, I'm looking for some opinions about surgical correction for entropion. I searched a little on NN, but didn't find a whole lot. (I'm a bad searcher!) I took Buckley for blood work in anticipation of having him neutered next week. We kept him intact to keep open the option to show...
  5. ward_hill

    hotspots on another dog

    One of Buckley's doggie friends, a Golden, had a hot spot on his back. They hadn't seen each other for a few weeks, but Buckley had what I thought was an odd reaction to his friend. First he wanted to lick the hotspot, which wasn't that strange. But after a couple of licks, he started to...
  6. ward_hill

    anyone ever tried this? while Newfs aren't mentioned specifically, it cites 'pulling' breeds as suited to the task. wondering if anyone has done this? looks like fun!
  7. ward_hill

    cross-country travel

    I'm contemplating a cross-country driving trip, a sabbatical of sorts, accompanied by Buckley. The general idea is to drive across, see some sights along the way, then perhaps stay at various places along the California coast for a while, maybe a month or two. I've never traveled with a dog...
  8. ward_hill

    from this morning ...

  9. ward_hill

    freaked out by flying newf!

    From the day he came home, Buckley has loved hanging out on the porch, either watching the world of people and other animals go by or sleeping peacefully. Most creatures draw little reaction, except for raccoons, opossum, and CATS! And, because of the feral cat colony nearby, there are lots of...
  10. ward_hill

    recent pics of Buckley

    haven't posted pics in a while and Buckley is now twenty months ...
  11. ward_hill

    sleigh bells

    Helping a friend with a house cleanout last summer, I found some sleigh bells that appeared to be quite old. About a dozen bells are attached to a canvas strap that's roughly 24 inches long by 3/4 in wide. The metal is of a solid gauge and they make the classic sleigh bell sound, not at all...
  12. ward_hill

    not sure how to put this delicately! ...

    Hope this isn't too explicit! ... Over the last couple of weeks, Buckley, intact and 14 months old, has been frequently and vigorously pleasuring himself. He's mostly just lying on the floor until he's done, but this morning he added a little 'humpy dance' to the finish. So, is this par for...
  13. ward_hill

    @#$% ... venting!

    Buckley usually takes his long walk in the late morning, in public parks. Now that the first really warm day was here, I decided to take him in the early evening. Naturally, there were a lot more dog walkers at this time. Newly minted CGC Buckley was walking briskly at my side along the path...
  14. ward_hill

    Buckley's CGC test

    Buckley passed his CGC test on Sunday! The evaluator said he did so "with flying colors." I'm so proud of him!! His first birthday was earlier this month, but I've been too busy to post anything about it. Anyway, here's a couple of pics taken in May ...
  15. ward_hill

    doggie day care/boarding kennels

    Just wondering if anyone here has experience working at a boarding kennel. Any thoughts about this kind of job? Positives, negatives? ... I've submitted an application to work for one that recently opened in my area. It is a franchise and seems to have a corporate structure supporting the...
  16. ward_hill

    not sure what's wrong with Buckley

    After two vet visits, it remains unclear what is causing Buckley's lethargy and diminished appetite. It started with Tuesday's dinner, which he ate all of, but not with the usual 90-second gusto. He'd had a somewhat loose stool on our afternoon walk, but that happens occasionally. On Wed...
  17. ward_hill

    Buckley gets an A

    I took Buckley to the local Saint Patrick's Day parade today. It was his first time in such a crowded and noisy environment and he comported himself like a real gentleman! He calmly watched the marching bands with crashing cymbals, and horses, sirens, pipes and drums, other dogs, without so...
  18. ward_hill

    cut on nose

    When I opened the door to let Buckley in from the yard last night, his face was covered with blood!! He hadn't barked to come in, just a quick scratch on the door. I was pretty freaked out, but stayed calm so as not to upset him. He didn't seem to be reacting much, no whimpering, etc. I got...
  19. ward_hill

    Buckley in the snow, 8 months old

    A couple shots of Buckley, who's 8 months old tomorrow
  20. ward_hill

    Buckley, six months old

    Here's Buckley posing in front of the baby gate before attempting his next vault!