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    panagenics Shampoo evaluation

    I thought I would see how everyone is feeling about this shampoo now that some of us have been using it for a few weeks. My two cents follows: I have used it every week on both my 22 month and my 16 week Newfs. It does speed up the drying. I have used the conditioner and have not had any...
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    I don't frequent this section

    I have been on NN for over a year and I have totally avoided this section after the first month because the stories of passing Newfs was too much for me to read about when I was just beginning my journey with my pup. For what ever reason, today I sat and read through several postings and...
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    What size generator?

    I am getting ready to purchase a generator to take to shows. I was wondering what others who have one think about the brand they purchased. I am only looking to run a fan or my Metro 7.5 amp/120 volt portable dryer with it. I did the calculations for the dryer and it appears it needs 900...
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    dental spray

    Has anyone had any experience with this dental spray?
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    Calling all Kloofbears

    Hello...I am working on a present to give to my breeder, Evelyn de Reus, who is the owner of Kloofbear Newfoundlands. I am collecting pics of any Kloofbear Newfs to put in a book to give her for her birthday in May. So, if your dog is a Kloofbear, or you know one that is...can you please PM me...
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    Handling Seminars

    Since I am a lot newer to the showring than most of you, you might know this already...but I spent the weekend at a handling seminar with George Alston and if you haven't and you are an owner/handler, you are missing out on a great opportunity. He does "tell it like it is" but if you can handle...
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    Newbie question about Sweepstakes

    I am entering the specialty show in Saratoga for Jan. There is also a Sweepstakes for puppies under 18 mo. I have never been in a specialty show. Any reason not to enter both the class and the Sweepstakes? I guess I am unclear what the purpose of the Sweepstakes is...I have been in best of...
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    Scarlet pics

    We were at a dog show this weekend in Rhode Island. Here are a few pics taken during our preparation for our day... This is our contraption to keep her curls from turning up on her back and shoulders. It works better on some days than others! Here I am having a last minute...
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    Fused Glass Suncatchers

    UPDATE ------ALL SUNCATCHERS PICTURED HERE ARE SOLD. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE SEND PM AND WE CAN WORK OUT COLORS, ETC. THANKS I have been working with glass, both fused and in stained glass art for many years. I decided to put together a few Fused Glass Suncatchers with a Newf design...
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    Fee to pay Handler?

    I have someone handling my dog at this point. She refuses to charge me because she said she doesn't charge for puppies. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on what a reasonable fee is for a handler. I am sure there are a lot of things to consider, but I don't really...
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    Scarlet's first show

    We are entering our first show this Sunday in Fitchburg, MA. Puppy class under 9 months. We are very nervous. Wish us luck! Not to win...just to have a good time and not embarrass ourselves! :eek:
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    Noises dogs make when swimming

    I take Scarlet to a local lake for swimming and retrieving. I noticed that when she is swimming with the toy in her mouth, she makes a slight little whimper noise with each breath. She doesn't seem to be out of breath or winded when she reaches shore and she begs to retrieve again...I was just...
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    Puppy class cut off age

    I ma totally new to all of don't laugh too hard! As I understand it, there are puppy classes, 6-9 mo and 9-12 mo etc. Since 9 months is listed in both classes, does this mean you have the option to chose either if your dog is in her 9 month of age at the time of the show? Thanks.
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    Swimming in the winter

    I am pretty sure this is going to turn out to be a question that gets many of you laughing...but I am just checking to make sure... Is it okay to let the dog in the water in the dead of winter? I know they are cold water dogs. I know they come from the some of the coldest parts of the...
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    8 Month Old Scarlet Picture Update

    Here she is watching looking for something to go chase in the woods. These curls just don't go away! This is AFTER I brushed and blew her out! Of course, it is a little humid today. "I've got my eye on you!" Just thought I would put some updated pics out here. I can't beleive how...
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    Grooming Table: What size?

    I am about to invest in a grooming table and could use a recommendation. I am not sure what length to get. 48"? Also, if you show your dog, do you use the same table at home and then take it to the show? If not, what is the type of table for travel? I guess you can tell I have no idea...
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    Scarlet and her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Medal
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    CT NN GTG Picture postings

    Here is my contribution from today's fun. I hope there are better offereings from Nessa and Megan.
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    New Newf in Colchester, CT

    Hello: We are enjoying our first Newfie, her name is Scarlet and she is 6 months old. We learned about at a water demo last weekend in Mystic, CT where we met a lot of terrific Newf owners. We would appreciate any and all suggestions to successfully raising our wonderful new family...