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    Let's Go Sledding!
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    Blood in urine

    Poor Ella was up all night on Sunday trying to pee but not much was coming out, however, I noticed a lot of blood in her urine. I took her to the vet yesterday and they did a urinalysis and gave us some antibiotics. Now the vet just called and said the results showed bladder inflamation with a...
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    Ella’s First Tree Lighting Ceremony

    I took Ella to her first tree lighting ceremony at the fire station in our town. There were swarms of screaming kids, men dressed as Santa and elves, an extremely loud bouncy snow globe house, fire truck sirens and tons of people rushing up to pet her and all she wanted to do was lick that elf...
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    Miss Ella Can’t Control Her Licker

    I was taking Ella on her morning walk today with my 2 friends that have young toddlers. Ella is very gentle and loving with them. These 2 moms are dog lovers too and dont seem to mind when Ella licks their kid’s faces. However, today we ran into another mom who also has a toddler, and when Ella...
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    Happy 2nd B-Day Ella!

    Ella was on the prowl enjoying her 2nd B-Day...Happy 2nd B-Day baby girl and I can't wait to take you for peanut butter ice cream tonight !Hopefully this Youtube clip works
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    Nursing Home Pet Therapy

    Ella started a nursing home's pet therapy program today and we were so proud of her. Overall, she did really well. She didn't jump on anyone or knock anyone down, which was my biggest concern. She went from wheelchair to wheelchair and just put her head on everyone's lap and licked their hands...
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    Must Love Dogs

    I finally watched "Must Love Dogs" last night and thought the star of the movie was the Newf Mother Theresa. I read that she was played by two 6 month old Newf puppies who got adopted by the director after they were done filming. Does anyone know who the breeder was for these 2 beautiful girls...
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    Lactation after spay?

    I was checking Ella's spay incision today and noticed that she was lactating. It is very bizarre because there is a lot of milk coming out and she is acting really strange. She is being really protective of her stuffed animals and she keeps digging in her blanket. However, The incision looks...
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    The dreaded spay is over

    I have been dreading it since I got her and have been arguing with my vet about it since she was 6 months old...But as of yesterday, Ella is spayed. I realize now that much of that worring was for nothing. The procedure went so well. The vet said she was a total sweetheart from beginning to...
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    Cute article about dog rescue

    This article really made me smile this morning!
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    Snow Day

    hopefully this link works...I made the pic public and reposted.
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    Feeling Worried

    I'm feeling really worried about Ella today. She has been licking and chewing on the inside of her front paw pads all week. I have been soaking them in warm water and patting dry. Yesterday she started scratching at her ears really bad and she just got over an ear infection last month. Then this...
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    Pic for holiday cards

    Trying to pick a good pic of Ella for our holiday cards this year. i was going to try and make her wear the Santa hat, but she wasn't having it.
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    2016 National Dog Show

    Does anyone know who the Newf was in the National Dog Show yesterday? I only caught some of it and missed the Newfoundland.
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    Prey drive

    Ella's training has been pretty good so far, until she discovered cats. We have several stray cats in the neighborhood and they have organized against Ella lol. My greatest training challenge with Ella has always been pulling on the leash. She does not do it all the time, but if she sees a child...
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    Hot Spot

    Ella woke up today with what looks to be a hot spot on her tail. She is extremely itchy and biting at her tail and but. I would suspect fleas, but she has been on Nextguard for 8 months. My next suspicion is allergies, but I really hope not. The hot spot was lightly bleeding and then got crusty...
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    Boarding Newfs

    Has anyone ever had to board their Newf? Unfortunately, I have to board Ella for 7 nights next month and I am sick over it! I have been doing my research trying to find the best place. What I came up with so far is a place that's called camp K-9. They do luxury suites for large dogs that are...
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    Matts behind the ears

    I noticed that Ella is getting knots and matted fur behind her ears. I tried combing it out and had to pull hard to get them out. The knots get inbetween the back of the ear and her neck. I tried to take a pic but where I combed it, but now the other side is matting. She tolerated the hard...
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    The dangers of corn cobs

    It has been a year since I lost my last puppy on Memorial Day due to a corn cob incident. It has also been a year since I posted his pics or shared his story. Pax was a 7 month old Boerboel who was sweet and adorable, however, his downfall was that he literally tried to ingest everything in...
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    Sneaky 10 Month Old Puppy

    I was wondering if any of your dogs do this. Ella holds her treats in her mouth for 20 min before hiding them in the couch cushions. The funny thing is she enjoys holding and hiding them, more than eating them. Sneaky girl...