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    When to spay?

    Since all my dogs over the years have been male. Jasmine has me stumped and she's not here yet.I've heard most vets like to do a spay before the first heat.Which is usually around 6 months or so???? I know males should be older before being fixed as it can affect their growth.(So I've been told)...
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    Yes I'm Still Alive

    But have been busy the past year. Things have slowed down on the job front.It's been three years since James passed away. And Jordan will be turning eight later in the spring.The Biggest news around here is Jasmine, :D We picked her out today.She's a landseer,with great markings. She has a...
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    Another Class project

    Hi guys I know I haven't been around much lately but I'm asking for your help anyway. I'm looking for a couple of photo's. 1)Black newf with white bib or socks. 2) Brown newf 3) Grey newf.(next to a black newf to show color difference) if possible. 4)maybe pushing my luck but if there's a brown...
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    We are moving to the country

    But Not in New Brunswick,We are heading back to Ontario cause hubby has a new job.We will be just 45 min from Guelph.(Huge Vet School there) and actually 10 min from the town where our two older boys were born.So I know the area.Sad to say, our new landlord(With help from Miles new boss who is...
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    Need link to cat litter cake recipe

    I have a friend who's kitten is turning one and she' having a people party for it's birthday. Tried doing a search but nothing was found. HELP!! Thanks ,Karen
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    Update On Life with Jordan.

    HI Guys and Gals. Yippee, I'm back to part time work, actually Very part time. But I'm so burnt out I'm enjoying it.Jordan has been home with us almost two months. So far so good. except for barking at everybody he sees.Don't think he was very well socialized.So far I've had him to the vet three...
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    stinky feet smell

    But NOT from the feet, as much as under the chin. Could I wash Jordan with a soapy face cloth?
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    heat stroke

    Just wondering. a friend of mine lost her 13 year old Pom to heat stroke. They had tried to make her "come back " (she was in a coma like state) for four hours before she past. Anyhow. What a normal temp for a Newf. and does rubbing alcohol on the pads of the feet really work?They were also...
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    So what's the story on Chase??

    Come on tell us the story. :D Karen
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    Anyone, post'n pictures while your there?Karen
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    eye question

    Tonight when Jordan was eating or just after. He started rubbing at his right eye. and now it is slightly closed and is wet all around it. Do I flush it with water? or do nothing and hope what ever it is works it's was out or what? Thanks Karen
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    Well, Here's trying a second time around

    Went to the Breeder's today to "see" Jordan. He's perfect.Well to me anyway. So we bought him home. :D :D He's 5 years old. Neutered.Knows how to sit. lay down. Stay, and Lift his paw so you can trim the pads. Plus he's heels.and when we got home.I went to one side of the house, and Miles...
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    Start Praying

    O.K. First of all, I might have this in the wrong place but forgive me cause I'm excited. I have a lead on a male newf who was returned to the breeder. I see him in three weeks. after she returns from a few shows. I will get to meet her this weekend without the dog. As there is a show near me in...
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    SOME people!!!!

    Well, We had two 6 month old pups ,owner surrendered on Sat that, Were NEVER out of the room they were born in.And if we didn't take them they weren't going to be alive that night. Needless to say we found the room to make sure they stayed.Karen
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    Non Newf

    I have a puppy!!!!! Ya know those pups I was fostering? Well they were all adopted out but one came back.Luckly it was an older couple who realized getting a puppy was a mistake and they bought him back after four days.However, In those four days he went from a cute puppy to a barker and hid...
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    Laugh if you want to

    Scream,Scream, I'm having a teenaged moment. Forgive me, but I have to tell someone.I posted a comment on Donny Osomond's website last night,regarding the new C.D. Anyhow,Checked it today and Donny posted a reply.Nearly had a heart attack.Considering it's been at least 12 years since I talked to...
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    Newfoundland Weather

    Just listening to the weather channel. 5 Storms in 10 days.Bless their hearts.They will be digging out til June.Karen
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    Kitties finally neutered BUT

    bought them home and Momma cat is picking fights with them,and hissing.Hopefully, It's just a vet office smell thing.It's weird cause three days ago,she was still cleaning them( they are 8 months old or so.Karen
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    To help explain you dog's wonderment of cold and snow.St John's Newfoundland had 45cm of snow,last Monday,and another 15 cm later in the week.and expecting another 35 to 40cm with this storm. :eek: The guy on the weather channel,started to laugh this morning.Thank goodness my family lives on...
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    taking pups away

    What's the best way to do this?these foster pups are just about ready to go.Mamma doesn't nurse,seems to be dried up.I have been taking the pups out to socialize with our kids,cats,t.v.noise, one at a time.Allie worries til they are all back with her.Now,we aren't sure if she should be the one...