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  1. Hagrid

    northern california

    Is there anyone in the northern california area like near San Francisco, San Mateo, or along the coast side near Half Moon Bay. I would love to get together with other newfies.
  2. Hagrid

    It's That TIME!!!

    Hi everyone, Monday Hagrid goes in to get wacked. Poor baby I feel so bad but we are sort of looking forward to it. He will be 14 months. We are a little tired of him running away every time he sees anything that resembles female. He's fine and so well behaved until his weenie pops out and...
  3. Hagrid

    Oh MY GOD~!

    Hello everyone, Sorry for being absent. My tail bone is slowly healing and I can sit on my knees only for short periods. So here goes. I am starting to hate taking Hagrid for walks. I think I know What a BIG DOG in seven different languages. And they say it when I pass by like I can't hear...
  4. Hagrid

    Any other Newfs limp?

    Hagrid is a very energentic, playful 7 month old. If he sees something he'll bolt and make a run for it. we can't believe how fast he can go from a standstill into a run and he's fast. In the last 3 weeks he's developed a limp on his right paw. It's difficult because he will run fine, jump ok...
  5. Hagrid

    Back pain

    Sorry I have not been in touch. I have not been able to sit at my computer. I put on a Halloween party for my daughters and we have fun dancing, But the next morning had terrible lower back pain. Finally went to a spine doctor and found out I had broken by tail bone. If anyone has any...
  6. Hagrid

    To go to class? or not to go?

    I am wondering if I really need to go to doggy training. My 5 month old will sit, stay, sort of come of leash, play dead, shake , go down when told. We have even taught him to wait. It's funny when we do that. We love the wait command. In fact our kids do it for the plain fun of seeing him...
  7. Hagrid

    looking for newfie playmates near San Francisco

    Hi, Is there anyone who is close to San Francisco who might want to get their newfs to play occasionally. We don't have any large breed dogs close by and it would be great for my pup to play with one. Lily.
  8. Hagrid

    First thunderstorm

    Today Hagrid experienced his first thunderstorm here in the old west coast. we don't very many of these. Poor little 70 pound ball of fur, made a leaping dive under the kitchentable. Not even food can coax him out. so here I am still under the table with him on my computer. He makes me laugh!!!!
  9. Hagrid

    Finally falling in love!

    Hi everyone, just checking in. I haven't been talking to anyone because I felt truly embarrassed. Everyone talks about how they love their newfs on sight but I didn't. He was such a pain in the butt, always needy, crying for attention, teeth on everything, chasing the cat, the rabbits the...
  10. Hagrid

    Help for trimming nails

    Can somebody let me know how to trim my pups nails. My last dog I easily could see the vein but with my newfie it is entirely black. Is it best for me to take him to the vet or can I learn to do this on my own. Should I only cut when I hear them clanking on the floor. I'm terrified of hurting him.
  11. Hagrid

    Hagid's vet visit

    Hagrid went to the vet today and he came through with flying colors. The people swooned when he came in the door. He was carried in upside down with paws up holding his favorite stuffed animal. Needless to say he came out with hundreds of kisses. The vet did not give me a hard time about the...
  12. Hagrid

    Hello from California

    Hello, we came home with our 8 week old puppy. He's absolutely great. we love him to death. his picture is on the left. We have started on him with crate training and he's doing fine. The only question is our breeder trained the pups from the beginning to pee on a blanket//carpet so we have...
  13. Hagrid

    worried about my puppies diet

    we just picked up our puppy a couple days ago and the breeders were feeding him some pretty bad dog food. when we got him home he cried all night unless we held him and refused to eat the kibble she sent us home with. I have done huge research on the raw food diet so i decided to put him on it...
  14. Hagrid

    Getting our new puppy tomorrow! Yeah!!!!

    Hi Everyone, We are soooooo excited. Saturday morning we are driving to the mountains to pick up our baby. We even have the luck to see some snow! I think we have everything. Leash, collar with name tag, blanket, poop bags, favorite stuffed toy with cat hair all over it, food, water bowl ,chew...
  15. Hagrid

    Raw food diet?

    Hi everyone, It's only a week till we pick up our pup and we've already bought tons of stuff including food. We found a food called EVO and Wysong that is high in protein and no grains but then I read up on the raw food diet. In our family we eat alot of chicken and lamb and I grow quite a few...
  16. Hagrid

    Beach cleanup

    Hi everyone! Just curious. When you go to the beach does your Newfie track in lots of sand from his fur, or do your wash him every time. We live next to the beach and it would be nice to take him down there everyday. How do I keep him clean with such a thick coat? Lily
  17. Hagrid

    Hagrd by the Sea

    Are there any newfies in northern California willing to get together in the San Fransisco are. Please let me know. There is a great place called Ocean Beach where we could get together.
  18. Hagrid

    Waiting for our new puppy

    Hi everyone, Thanks for your support in the waiting for our new puppy. Our family is going crazy waiting for him to arrive. 5 weeks seems like an eternity. I'm already starting to buy stuff. OOOHhh! we can't wait anylonger!!!!!:crazy:
  19. Hagrid

    Should I consider Insurance?

    We never got doggie insurance for our last sweet dog and when he started having problems we were in shock at how much vet bills could be. Does anyone here actually have insurance? Would I be smart if I should consider looking into one?
  20. Hagrid

    Hagrid by the sea

    Hi everyone, This is Lily. I am so new to this that I'm not sure what I'm doing. I have never been on the computer so I don't know how to even post a picture. We lost our half golden/newfie a year ago and now we are waiting for a puppy due in November. Our last dog chewy was our soul and I still...